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My Hero Academia Season 5: THESE Major Characters Could Return!

My Hero Academia has certainly been one of the most phenomenal anime of all times. It’s popularity has grown manyfold with all the ventures carried out including the manga series, anime series, and movie series. It’s been quite long since the release of Season 5 of My Hero Academia is being expected.

We’ve brought this article to you with some latest updates that will get you all set for the upcoming season of your favorite anime. It’s characters have created their own separate fan following. Hence, fans have been trying to make guesses about their presence in season 5. Also, the poster has revealed some major details about the next season. So, this article will pretty much clear it all out for you.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Release Date (Official & Final!)

With all the rumors and blind guesses going around, release date of season 5 has become a very tricky news to believe. But, as per the official word, a Spring 2021 release is scheduled for the next season. However, no specific release date has been locked by the creators or Funimation as of now.

We’ll update you as soon as a date is set for the release of the upcoming season.

What About My Hero Academia Season 5 Trailer?

Gladly, we’re not going to disappoint you for your expectations of My Hero Academia Season 5 official trailer. This high-powered official teaser is enough to raise the bar of your eagerness for sure. Have a look at it below!

The trailer has promised its fans that “SOMETHING NEW IS AWAKENING”. With such a long period of blazing excitement, this better be true!

Which Major Characters Will Be Reappering This Time?

All you dedicated fans will be delighted to know that most of the main cast from My Hero Academia Season 4 is expected to return this time as well. So, none of your favorite characters will be saying a goodbye to you.

My Hero Academia Season 5 characters include:

  • Akatsuki Bakugo,
  • Chaco Muranaka,
  • Michael Tatum,
  • Izuku Midoriya,
  • Clifford Chapin,
  • Justin Briner,
  • Luci Christian,
  • Kenya Lida

The Plot Of Season 5 Will Be No Less Than A Reward For Our Patience!

Good things indeed take time and this “good thing” is going to become mindblowing with the upcoming season.

As per reports, we may get to witness a joint traning arc in Season 5. In addition, Tomura, who is main antagonist of the series, will be shown from the perspective of his backstory. Not just this, fans can also be well-prepared to watch how Izuku will give a solid fight to evil.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Poster
IMAGE: My Hero Academia Wiki- Fandom

Details You Might Have Missed Out In The Latest Poster!

In the  latest poster, we’ve noticed that Class 1-A has got a costume change! Also, a surprising thing that we all saw was Shinso Hitoshi’s return! Feel free to scroll upwards and see for yourself! 😉

Is season 5 bringing something really interesting related to Shinso who was last seen mainly in Season 2? Are there some old pages yet to be turned and read?

Let’s hope these questions and predictions get a clarity soon when the makers drop a plot hint or the release date of My Hero Academia Season 5.

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