My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 7: Release, Preview and Spoilers

Boku No Hero Academia (Image: Den of Geek)

My Hero Academia season 5 episode 7 has got fans biting their fingers impatiently.  Episode 6 featured the second leg of the competition between class 1-A and Class 1-B.  Season 5 of the vary famous shonen anime has debuted only this year. Nevertheless, fans are thrilled with the show and hope that it keeps up this entertaining streak.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 7 Release Date

Titled “Match 3”, episode 7 will be out by 8 May, Tuesday at 5:30 PM. The episode will be available online while being televised in Japan. New episodes for the anime are available weekly, and so episode 7 will also be available soon.

Preview for My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 7

Studio Bones has already dropped the preview for the new episode. Check it out below!

In episode 6, we saw class A struggling due to Komori and Fukidashi. Consequently, our laser hero Aoyama has been captured.  On the other hand, Kendo takes on Momo in a solo battle aiming to surpass her. Momo, nevertheless, manages to aid her teammates by sending support items across the field. Tokoyami, with the help of thermal goggles, finds class B and captures them. In desperation to win, Kinoko enlarges the spores that Tokoyami had already inhaled, thus disabling him for the rest of the battle. An unconscious Momo is towed to the nurse’s office, and Kendo captures Hagakure. Class B wins, but Kendo is not satisfied as she couldn’t defeat Yaoyorozu.

Spoilers for Episode 7

Round 3 might show Tenya Iida, Shouto Todoroki, Mezou Shouji, and Mashirao Ojiro from class A competing with Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, Sen Kaibara, Pony Tsunotori, and Juuzou Honenuki of class B. Kinoko might apologize to Tokoyami, and Kendo might feel bad for her actions. Match 3 could be a very getting one as the two teams are of almost parallel strength. We might see some interaction between Todoroki and Tokoyami. Also, no.1 Hero Endeavour might try to contact his youngest son only to realize his shortcomings as a father.

Kinoko Komori from Episode 6

Where to Watch My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 7?

You can watch the new episode on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Animelab. Netflix is also streaming the show in certain areas such as Japan and India. Bilibili also streams the show for Asian viewers. Wakanim also streams the hit anime.


Season 5 of Horikoshi’s hit manga adaptation has got viewers hooked. Episode 7 will show some exciting action as fan-favorite comes on to the battlefield. Be sure to watch episode 7, titled “Match 3.”

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