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My Hero Academia Chapter 329 Release Date Recap And More

Although the anime ended on September 25th, 2021, the manga didn’t slow up its pace. Seeing the current conditions in the recent chapters, the situation of the heroes looks terrible. My Hero Academia Chapter 329 would be a key chapter as it puts one step forward to the final battle. Apart from this, Chapter 328 sealed off the ongoing arc, but it still left some theories behind.

Nonetheless, the fans look forward to My Hero Academia Chapter 329. The heroes are resting after the hellish battles. However, the villain faction doesn’t seem to be taking any step back. Thus, one could only speculate that the villains would be devastating Izuku and the other heroes soon.

My Hero Academia Chapter 328 Recap:

Chapter 328 didn’t pack much action. On the other hand, it indeed gave us some insight into the future of the series. This chapter was named Connected Connected, and it certainly stood up to its name. Let’s look into the info Chapter 328 provided and how My Hero Academia Chapter 329 will be affected by it:

Fall Of Tartarus And Stain’s Pride:

Tomura Shigaraki has successfully destroyed the anti-quirk prison Tartarus. Moreover, All For One has been released from lock-up. The duo is standing tall, surrounded by the inmates who’d surely follow them now. However, Akaguro Chizome, aka Stain, has his pride still with him. Upon getting released, he kills an inmate whose only desire was to chase women again. Even though Stain is looked at as a villain, he doesn’t let go of his morale. Stain enters the room of guards and sees everyone there already dead.

Fall of Tartarus (Image: Viz)

Nevertheless, a guard was still taking his final breaths while clinging to something. After that, he entrusted the object to Stain, trusting him to protect it from wrong hands. Let’s see how Stain carries out this task in My Hero Academia Chapter 329.

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All Might Realises OFA And AFO’s Other Power:

Since the Tartarus prison didn’t have any passage of information exchange to the outer world, the authorities are confused about how Tomura managed such a big plan so efficiently. On the other hand, All Might realizes that this was due to One For All’s a connection with Tomura Shigaraki. The link itself made it possible for the duo to exchange information. My Hero Academia Chapter 329 would likely cover some other information and possibilities about the One For All power. The fans seem to be intrigued about it.

All Might (Animex Wallpapers)

Heroes From All Over The World:

The Japanese Heroes seem to be in a cliche situation. Hence, an emergency backup is required from Heroes of other countries. All Might has realized that Tomura Shigaraki would complete his transformation within three days. In contrast, the heroes aren’t prepared as they’ve already faced the Paranormal Liberation Front. Deku has used up all his power, and he seems to be on the verge of collapsing. However, the help from his friends has revived him, but he’s still unable to fight for now. Thus, the Japanese Hero front needed assistance from heroes all around the world. Salaam, Big Red Riot, and All Might’s pupil Stars and Stripes would be coming to Japan. Let’s see how this plays out in My Hero Academia Chapter 329. 

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My Hero Academia Chapter 329 Release Date:

A delay can be expected since the author’s health has somewhat deteriorated in the last few weeks. However, if everything goes well, My Hero Academia Chapter 329 will be released on October 10th, 2021, i.e., Sunday. Weekly Shonen Jump will be publishing this chapter in Japan. Apart from this, the chapter could be read online globally on Viz Media. Let’s see what chapter 329 provides.

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