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My Hero Academia Chapter 327 Release Date And More

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Izuku Midoriya fans eagerly waited for chapter 326, which was released this Friday on September 17th. My Hero Academia has been giving continuous engaging factors through its weekly manga. The fans were longing for the previous chapter as it got delayed. The delay was due to MHA’s author Kohei Horikoshi‘s sudden illness. Since chapter 326 was released this Friday, when would chapter 327 release? Let’s find out.

Previously on My Hero Academia Chapter 326

Izuku had already got the damage through the civilians. He was immobilised after showing his true power. The UA students stepped up to help the successor of All Might. Izuku is still not accepted by the anti-hero civilians.

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All Might-Stain Conversation

My Hero Academia chapter 326 started with All Might heading somewhere in a car. He reminisces about his early days with Izuku and stops at the vandalised statue where he sees a torn part of Izuku’s costume. All Might stands in front of the figure and starts talking to it. Disgracing his efforts of not being able to help his protege, he turns his back on the statue. Then Hero-Killer Stain comes in and is enraged at All Might because he insulted a true Hero, according to him. The two characters continue to have a confrontation through words.


Stain (Image: Netflix)

Chapter 326 of My Hero Academia was titled “Who Are You?” Stain was furious at this frail figure claiming to be All Might. Then the latter bulks up in his proper form. Stain still rejects him as being a real hero and calls him a Fake.

All Might’s Perception Change

The conversation between both the characters continues until All Might starts telling him how he failed. Stain jumps on him and hides him behind a rock. What happens next changes All Might’s perception. They both are hiding behind a big rock when a woman approaches the vandalised hero statue. She climbs up and starts cleaning the figure. All Might was scared of well-being. He thought what would happen if any anti-hero saw her act. Stain then starts explaining to him about the current scenario. The woman was the last person that All Might had saved.

My Hero Academia has always submitted amazing character development scenes. This chapter was one of them. Stain tells All Might that even in those last moments, the real All Might stood with a lasting smile through any situation. He then remarks that this is not the real All Might in front of him. Stain says, “The man known as All Might dedicated his life to hero altruism for altruism’s sake.” Speeches given by the hero killer Stain have always been remarkable, and this didn’t fail to be such as well. All Might stands still and starts reconsidering himself. The rain stops.


All Might (Image: Animex Wallpaper)

This chapter of My Hero Academia was another masterpiece of Kohei Horikoshi. Chapter 326 portrayed the transition of no. 1 Hero getting back on track by talking to a hero-killer villain, which was worth reading. The stopping of rain at the end also metaphors All Might be coming out of his dark phase.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 327 Spoilers And Release Date

There have been no raw scans or leaks for chapter 327. The manga will be continuing with its weekly release from next Sunday, i.e. September 26th. Since Kohei Horikoshi is well now, we could hope that My Hero Academia wouldn’t go on hiatus anytime soon. Tune in to for further updates and spoilers.

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