My Hero Academia Chapter 308 On Hold Due To Horikoshi’s Health Issues

My Hero Academia (Image: Hidden Remote)

My Hero Academia chapter 308 gets a fresh delay as series creator Kohei Horikoshi is facing health issues. The news is undoubtedly disheartening for fans. The delay has saddened fans who are now earnestly praying for the writer’s health.

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Release Date

My Hero Academia’s latest chapter was supposed to premiere on 4 April 2021. Unfortunately, the chapter will now be out with a seven-day delay. Chapter 308 will now go underprint on 11 April due to Kohei  Horikoshi’s deteriorating health. The writer needs time off to recover, and BNHA lovers desperately wish for their beloved mangaka.

Earlier, it was reported that the manga would be on break as Horikoshi needed some time off. Later, it was clarified to be a mistake and confusion on the part of the website. Now Shueisha Editorial department has issued a special message for fans stating that the manga will be on break due to the writer’s health. For more news about My Hero Academia, check out the articles here.

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Spoilers

Beware the spoilers! If you haven’t read the recent chapters, I think now would be an excellent time to turn back. Since the new chapter will now debut on 11 April, one can expect spoilers to be available by Thursday. The raw scans will most likely reach readers 2-3 days before the official release.

Series followers expect a battle between League of Villians fighter- Muscular and Deku. This battle will be a rematch between the two, and fans expect Deku to show his wrath on Muscular, considering the recent chain of events.

Where Did Chapter 307 Leave?

Deku in chapter 307(Image: OtakuKart)

Chapter 307 of the series showed the three pro heroes- Endeavour, Hawks, and Best Jeanist conducting a press conference. However, the reporters are speculative, which shows the rising distrust towards the heroes.  After this, Deku’s classmates at UA High receive a letter that tells them that he has left the hero society as Shigaraki is on the hunt for him. He wants everyone to be safe and, therefore, decides to go alone.

What Is The Plot Of My Hero Academia?

The show starts in a world where 80% of the population is born with superpowers called “Quirks.” Thanks to these ‘quirks,’ the world has turned into a superhuman society with Heros and Villians. Among all is a young “quirkless” boy named Izuku Midoriya, who, despite the odds, dreams of becoming a Hero. The story talks of Izuku and other youngsters’ journey as they embark on their journey to become future heroes.

The series, which debuted in July 2014, has become an enormous success. The manga has also got its anime adaptation, whose fifth season debuted on April 3, 2021. This year belongs to BNHA fans as the series also gets its third movie which will hit the theaters in August this year. One can read the manga on VIZ, Mangplus, while anime fans can stream it on Crunchyroll.

The postponed release of My Hero Academia chapter 308 and Kohei Horikoshi’s sickness has certainly Hweighed down fans. Wishing Horikoshi’s health to improve, fans look towards the piping hot action that the new chapter awaits them.

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