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My Hero Academia Chapter 268 Raw Scans Spoiler Alert, Release Date

As per the schedule of My Hero Academia manga, the next chapter is Chapter 268. Starting of now, the manga has broadcast 267 parts. My Hero Academia Chapter 268 will be out soon. The manga follows a weekly schedule with a new chapter every weekend.

Chapter 268 will start with the wrapping up of the story left in the previous. That is Hawks and Dabi’s fight. After intervene by the Hero commission, the conflict will come to an end. Apart from this, many other speculations regarding chapter 268 are going around.  Even some raw scan spoilers are also leaked.

History: My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a famous Japanese manga. It is also popular with the name Boku no Hero Academia. Kohei Horikoshi is the person behind its composition. The manga began serializing in Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014. Concerning the plot, the main protagonist is a kid, Izuku Midoriya. The story revolves around Izuku, who was born without any quirks (superpowers as per the story). He lives in a place where the vast majority of the people have superpowers. His dream is to become a Hero.  Later on, the manga got an anime adjustment. The anime conceals the narrative of how he turned into the best saint.

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Chapter 267 Recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 267 Recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 267, Shows Hawks and Tokoyami. They were conversing with one another. Hawks asked Tokoyami about his shortcomings. Tokoyami informed that it was fire. So Tokoyami just countered that by acting before they fire. Dabi is angered. Because Hawks killed Twice.  And Dabi has now reached his limits.

Hawks questions Dabi whether he was making a face because he had quite recently lost a companion. Dabi then tells Hawks that he was never concerned about the alliance from the earliest starting point, beginning with Shigaraki. So he plans to complete Stain’s philosophy. The Hero commission discloses to Hawks that he needs to experience a routine hard training that would be brutal. For him to become a Hero.

My-Hero-Academia-RawScan My-Hero-Academia-RawScan My-Hero-Academia-Rawscan

Spoilers and Release Date: My Hero Academia

Just like the previous chapter, chapter 268 is expected to release this weekend on 12th April, 2020.

Some raw scans of the manga’s new chapter are posted on twitter.

Translation of Manga:

Chapter Title: Scramble

-Shigaraki is at 74%

-Mirko manages to land a nice hit down the middle on the pod

-Shigaraki smiles menacingly while still in there

-Fem Nomu conjures up an AoE attack going in all directions

-Endeavor & Mirko get pushed back

Aizawa & Mic join the fight with Crust

-Mirko is still alive

-Chapter ends on Shigaraki’s pod cracking right down the middle as they look on

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