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My Hero Academia 329: All To Unite Together To Bring Shigaraki Down?

My Hero Academia is a very popular Japanese manga series based on Superheroes. Since July 2014, the series has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. Its chapters have been collected into 32 tankobon volumes as of October 2021. For many people, manga is a way to escape the routine of everyday life. It’s a way to unwind after a long day at work or a passion that keeps them occupied on weekends or anytime they’re bored. The manga has a stronghold on the reader’s attention. Recently Shigaraki Tomura has finally made a debut in My Hero Academia chapter 329.

Did Shigaraki Tomura Make An Appearance In My Hero Academia Chapter 329?

My Hero Academia Chapter 329 was released on Sunday, October 10, 2021. Shigaraki Tomura has finally made an appearance in chapter 329 after what seems like an eternity. Star and Stripe, the top American Hero in My Hero Academia, has just confronted Tomura Shigaraki. He appears to be no longer possessed by his master All For One. This is the first time Shigaraki was seen since All For One took control of his body and retreated into hiding to let his student complete his awakening, which Japan’s heroes prevented during the Paranormal Liberation War.



My Hero Academia is about a world where the majority of humans have obtained the capacity to develop superpowers known as “Quirks,” which occur in children as young as four years old. It is estimated that roughly 80% of the world population possesses a Quirk. There are an infinite amount of Quirks, and it is exceedingly improbable that two persons have the same power unless they are related. Among the Quirk-enhanced people, a handful becomes Heroes. They assist authorities in rescue operations and apprehending criminals who abuse their powers, often called Villains.

What Will happen In MHA Chapter 329?

In Chapter 329 of My Hero Academia, Shigaraki confronts America’s No. 1 hero, Star, and Stripe, ready for a fight. Shigaraki’s most challenging opponent has been Star and Stripe. Furthermore, he appears to be at a disadvantage. Likely, he won’t be at his peak power during the completing phase. Although he is already threatening, it will most likely take more than that to overcome Star and Stripe.
Regardless, the impending My Hero Academia clash will be explosive. Especially since the villain’s student has now entirely awoken and can unleash the full power of his Decay quirk as well as wield All For One. Suppose, for whatever reason, Tomura Shigaraki easily defeats Star and Stripe. In that case, she will very certainly have help, as Endeavor was already on his way to meet her, with Hawks and Best Jeanist soon after.

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More About My Hero Academia!

The series has also spawned a slew of spin-off manga. In addition, an anime adaptation based on the series was released. Both the manga and anime adaptations have gotten overwhelmingly great responses from critics and audiences and are widely regarded as among the best of the 2010s. A video game based on anime was also released, and it was well-received.

As a result, all manga, anime, and video games became a great craze among fans and got a massive amount of appreciation.

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