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My First Girlfriend is a Gal Season 2 On Its Way ! Everything You Need To Know.

From the time fans saw the show’s first season, they are constantly asking for a sequel to the show. If you are a fan of the light heart storyline, My first girlfriend is a gal is definitely your go-to show. There have been a lot of questions regarding season 2 of the manga adaptation of Hajimete no gal. Don’t worry; we are here to pop all your question bubbles.

What My First Girlfriend Is A Gal About

Yame and Junichi
Yame and Junichi
Image: themagicrain.com

The story begins with a high schoolboy. Junichi Hashiba, single but surely ready to mingle one in the group where all his friends get into a relationship without extra effort. one fine day forced by all his single friends, Junichi gathers all his courage and proposes to the most beautiful girl in the school Yakuna Yame. Despite being aware of all the glib reasons Junichi wants her to be his girlfriend, she accepts the proposal. Junichi and Yakuna, officially a couple, become the latest gossip for school. Junichi is now getting all the attention from girls that he dreamt of, and high school for him is changed now.

Season 2 Release Date

Yakuna Yame
Yakuna Yame
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Looking upon the show’s ratings solely, we can not expect season 2, but despite such low ratings, the anime series left a mark on the hearts of its viewers and became a thing in the anime world. My first girlfriend is a gal premiered on July 12, 2017, with 10 episodes. With a predictable storyline and light-hearted theme, it is a perfect show for a person to binge-watch. There has been no official announcement for season 2 yet. If there will be a season2 for the show, we can expect it to be announced in 2022.

Characters For My First Girlfriend Is A Gal 2

My First Girlfriend Is A Gal
My First Girlfriend Is A Gal
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Without any official announcement, it is difficult to say about the cast for season 2. Here are the expected characters for the show.

  • Junichi Hashiba voiced by Shintaro Asanuma  and dubbed(English) by Alejandro Saab
  • Yakuna Yame voiced by Yuki Nagaku and dubbed( English) by Jamie Marchi
  • and all the recurring roles of season 1

Where To Watch The Show Online

The show is available on multiple platforms online like  CrunchyrollFunimationAnime-PlanetAmazon Prime VideoAnimeLabMicrosoft Store, and Apple TV.

Junichi And Yakuna
Junichi And Yakuna
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Final Words

There is a bright chance for season 2 to air somewhere near 2022, considering the available source material of the 12 volume manga. Everything in the anime world is unpredictable, so it will be too early to make a statement at this time.

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