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Muteking: The Dancing Hero An Anime For All The Music And Dance Lovers Coming Out This Fall!

Here it is, ladies and Gentlemen, the season of fall. When the final months of the year begin slowly pacing away, somewhere on the other side of the world is a country that makes sure that our end of the year is the more spectacular year-end ever. October is probably notorious for being known as the month where the newest episodes and brand new animes make their debuts and begin releasing new source material. Out of these many names that we have mentioned on our website countless number of times, undoubtedly one of the most unique shows that have caught our attention is the upcoming Muteking: The Dancing Hero.

Now for all the 80s and the 90s kids, the name might sound a bit familiar, and you wouldn’t be wrong because an anime with quite a similiar name was also present during the 1980s named Muteking, The Dashing Warrior. Now for all the curious cats out there who like to do a bit of snooping, you got it! Because Muteking: The Dancing Hero is actually the new and remodeled remake of the show Muteking The Dashing Warrior, set to make its comeback after almost 40 years!


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Now,  I’m not gonna lie here and tell you that the 1980s prequel of Muteking The Dancing Hero was a big success. In fact, I’m pretty sure that hardly anyone of our readers actually know a lot about it. However, I would also like to point out that the original Hunter X Hunter wasn’t too great either. It was its 2011 remake that really caught the audience’s attention. With a completely new cast,  improved animation, and smoother direction, we all were pretty well able to see the fantastic changes in the Hunter X Hunter remake which literally made it one of the best animes that I have personally ever watched.

Therefore, we want our readers to once again have an open mind about the upcoming series, which is bound to go big places. The story Muteking: The Dancing Hero is set in San Fransico of the 1980s, revolving around a hero who transforms himself into Muteking to fight aliens. However, the most catchy thing about this less than ordinary hero is his demeanor and way of fighting, with love, music, and tonnes of dancing!

If you’re one of those who like the chic style and are looking for an anime that’s a bit different, then you should definitely check out Muteking: The Dancing Hero, which is all set and ready to make its popping debut on the 2nd of October 2021. Make sure to keep your anime subscriptions ready because October is going to be full of pop and rock!


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