Most dangerous villain of Flash: Hunter Zoloman or Reverse-Flash

The Flash is an American superhero T.V. Series developed by  Greg BerlantiAndrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns. Based on a crime antagonist character Barry Allen / Flash, who can move at superhuman speeds. The role played by Grant Gustin with co-actor Candice Patton as Iris West-Allen. The Flash became the second most-watched series on C.W. after The Vampire Diaries. Fans of Flash are aware of the name Eobard Thawne known under name professor Zoom, playing the role of biggest villain. He is also known as the Reverse-Flash, a meta-human with superhuman qualities. A descendant of Eddie Thwane archenemy by Flash.

But during the Wally West’s time as the Scarlet Speedster, an unknown villain came into picture named as Zoom. He creates immense trouble to The Flash and his family; Hunter Zoloman serves as an enemy of Wally West. His first debut was in The Flash: Secret Files & Origins #3 in November 2001.

The two evil-doers have an incredibly similar look, although they have incredibly different backstories and superpowers. Also, the relationship with their respective Flash has led fans to debate which one is deadlier. Each of them has been into performing terrific actions over the years. At some of the more horrific acts of the two, the list is created proving whether Zoom is the deadliest Flash villain or is it Reverse-Flash.

About Hunter Zoloman:

1) He was the greatest friend of Wally in the past.

2) He worked as a profiler in the police department, when he learned to get into the minds of criminals and study their patterns.

3) Zoom had lost many things in his life, which makes his hatred more towards Wally and family.

4) Hunter hacked the cosmic treadmill to bring his legs back, which gained him more superpowers with it.

5) Zoom has a different kind of superpowers which consists of slowing down the time around him when needed and vice-versa.


About Reverse-Flash:

1) He is much older than Zoom, which adds experience to his life.

2) He was once a fan of the Flash, and so he knows his history in depth, which helps him to fight against Scarlet.

3) Reverse-Flash went back in time and killed Nora Allen so that the process of Barry to become Flash speeds up.

4) He created a negative speed force, which gave him a different set of powers that has always helped him to fight against Flash.

5) After knowing that he was destined to be the enemy of Flash, he turns into a monster, as Reverse-Flash thinks he is helping Flash to pursue his destiny.

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