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Monster Girl Doctor Episode 5: Official Updates Here

Monster Girl Doctor is another generic harem anime. Also, the anime has a decent plot and a well set of characters. If you are a fan of harem anime, you must watch Monster Girl Doctor. This article contains all the information about the upcoming Monster Girl Doctor Episode 5, review of episode 4, and more.

Release Date of Monster Girl Doctor Episode 5

The latest episode of Monster Girl Doctor episode 4 aired on August 2, 2020. Some anime TV series production may get delayed in Japan. But, there is no news of the delay in Monster Girl Doctor anime episodes.

Therefore, the Monster Girl Doctor Episode 5 will release on August 9, 2020. The newest episodes of the anime releases every Sunday. The time of release is different in every area—the anime episodes air at 23:00 (JST).

Have a look at this video uploaded on the fan page:



Review of Episode 4

In the episode, Sapphentite revealed that she was pregnant. It was a shocking moment for everyone. However, Dr. Glenn tells that it’s impossible because Lamias lay eggs! Sapphentite pulls out her egg and confirms. She said that her friend found it lying beside a street.

Kunai, along with Lulala and Skadi, gets on the raft. Also, in their way, Tisalia appears. From the conversion, it was clear that mercenaries are the ones trafficking money. There was a fight where Dr. Glenn delivers the egg of one of the monster girls. Moreover, Sapphentite reveals that she has an incurable disease. Not to forget, she got stabbed with a poisonous dagger. She then collapses.

Once young, Glenn tried to save Sapphentite. She was his first patient and inspiration. Sapphentite is filled with joy. However, her energy is low because of the poison. Dr. Glenn comforts Sapphentite, and the curtain closes.

You may go to the given link in the tweet to watch the latest episode:

Where to watch?

You can watch all the episodes on the websites mentioned below:

Moreover, the timings of the episodes airing in different regions differ. The episodes releases every Sunday, at 11:00 PM (JST).

The episodes are streaming in Japanese audio with English subtitles. Also, the English dubbed version streams on Funimation.

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