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Mieruko-Chan A Comedic Horror Story Coming Out Soon!

After seeing the title of this post, a lot of you might be wondering exactly what the hell is comedic about horror. This question will be especially emphasized by all the pussy cats out there. However, to really understand this genre and its amazing uniqueness and beauty, you absolutely have to watch the upcoming anime series Mieruko-Chan.

For those of you who don’t know, Mieruko-Chan is a story that revolves around a young high school girl named  Miko Yotsuya. Now, much like the movie Sixth Sense, Miko is a girl who has been able to see and sense the presence of ghosts all her life. Now, most of the time, these interactions are quite harmless and at times funny, but sometimes they can be downright terrifying. Therefore, Miko tries all her might to suppress whatever she’s seeing in the hopes of being like a normal high schooler. However, she soon realizes that ignoring these bashful and, at times, evil spirits aren’t as easy as she thought. While Miko tries her best to remain calm and maintain a normal social life, deep down, she knows that she can never be normal. That her powers are given to her for a reason, and now she must use them wisely.

Exactly what will happen to Miko? Why does she have these abilities? Will she ever be able to succeed at being normal, or would she have to come to terms with her own special abilities? Much to our delight, we are glad to tell our speculating fans that the answer to the aforementioned questions will get answered pretty soon.

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As we all know, The fall is the time for the old to wither and for the new to shine. Therefore, along with many spectacular animes that we have been anticipating this year, Mieruko-Chan definitely takes the cake. Now we don’t want to overhype anything for our readers because we all know how often wonderful stories can really end up disappointing us.

However, there is just something about the anime’s premise that personally draws to me, making Mieruko-Chan one of the few to do so. Will the anime be able to live up to its expectations? Or will it be yet another disappointment? We will just have to wait and find out. Therefore, make sure to watch season 1 of Mieruko-Chan, coming soon in October 2021, available exclusively on Crunchyroll!  Also, make sure to watch its terrifying trailer (link attached below)


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