Granted, a lot of the talk here is pretty raw and delves more about the problems going on right now in the world than just puff piece promotional dialogue.

But if you want to skip all of that and get to the show-specific stuff, there’s this trailer right here.

The emphasis here is Elizabeth Marvel (heh!) as Victoria Helstrom, the mother of the two protagonists, who is institutionalized and seems to be overwhelmed with some kind of supernatural connection. As creepy as their mother is, the Helstrom siblings appear to be up against something far more monstrous in the form of their mysterious father.

What’s interesting in all of this is how Helstrom ties into what was supposed to be a sister series in Ghost Rider. Helstrom and Ghost Rider were initially announced as parts of a corner of Marvel TV called “Adventure Into Fear.” Ghost Rider was set to star Gabriel Luna, reprising his role introduced in Agents of SHIELD as the more modern Robbie Reyes incarnation. At the end of 2019, they dropped development of Ghost Rider and went with just Helstrom.

In the comics, the Helstrom siblings are the children of a high-level demon who is basically Satan. Marvel has a thing about having various demon villains who are Devil stand-ins without officially being the Devil. It can get confusing sometimes. But the idea of their father being a serial killer so evil that he’s extended into the supernatural? That is very, very similar to Robbie Reyes’ uncle in the comics, who exists as the source of his demonic powers.


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