Marvel Releases A Trailer Of The Amazing Spider-Man 2099

Marvel Releases A Trailer Of The Amazing Spider-Man 2099

Okay, guys so here is some very amazing news for all those Spiderman fans out there. You people know what? Marvel has already released a trailer for The Amazing Spiderman 2099. The link to it is provided below.

The canonized continuity of the Amazing Spiderman Book to the future in the year 2099 has been tied by the even arc that Marvel has first launched in the 1990s and is obviously expected to make a huge hit when it drops in the cinemas this year in November as a series of one shots.

As you can witness in the trailer provided above, the hype of the writer Nick Spencer and executive editor Nick Lowe are completely psyched to see Peter Parker teamed with the Amazing Spiderman 2099’s Miguel O’Hara and they are absolutely sure that the fans are also going to get hyped after watching this movie.

If the Marvel Comics fascinated you even back in the 90s and you are a fan since, then this movie is for you. As stated in the trailer above that this is a pretty exciting event that Marvel has put together. One of the many mistakes that Marvel and DC both have committed was trying to define the 21st century before it actually arrived. But of course, mistakes of Marvel were not as disappointing.

Marvel completely understands that The Amazing Spiderman 2099’s character does not seem as innovative as of now, but they were quite eventful in their time and just need a bit of dusting off.

The release date of Amazing Spiderman 2099? Well, get your popcorns ready, because the movie has already launched today, that is, 6th of November!!

Lowe explains that what excites him the most is putting Nick Spencer and all of their writers and rest of their editors in the same space as the editors and writers of the year 1992 used to do, when the original comic The Amazing Spiderman 2099 was written.

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