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Kappei Yamaguchi is Back in the Magical Beast Sherbert

A video from Twitter has confirmed Kappei Yamaguchi’s voice as the Sherbert in Magical Beast Sherbert. This video was from the official Twitter account, K-LINE’s Sherbert. It was for the anime series based, which began to stream a promotional video for the anime on Tuesday.  Previously, Yamaguchi also narrated the video while announcing the anime last year.


Takashi Yamamoto is leading the anime at ZEXCS  K-LINE. There goes the credit for the original character design. The writer and producer of the production are also of Sherberts.

Some Information on ZEXCS: Magical Beast Sherbert

Zexcs Co., Ltd. is a Japanese animation studio in Tokyo, Japan.  Former J.C.Staff producer Tomoko Kawasaki established it on January 23, 1998. This animation production becomes famous for the series like Sister Princess and Diabolik Lovers. Not only with them, but the Japanese animation studio Zexcs, also appreciate for its collaboration with  Feel. The partnership with other production studios is not a new thing. But how Zexcs manages the environment is fantastic!

Some Info on K-LINE: Magical Beast Sherbert

K-LINE is the prime company that makes Kigurumi and fursuits. And guess what! It has outlined the character of  Sherbert for its Showcase line. The “Sherbert Shenanigans!”  You know it, right!?


The YouTube channel describes the persona’s story as follows,

Sherbert is a magical creature from another realm called Lylasia. Here different species of magical creatures are locked for the Magical Beast War. Sherbert being immature and infinitely curious, accidentally  ends up there. He triggers a portal and lands in the world. Without any knowledge  and information about the world, he vows to be a hero. As a result, he ends up  in the battleground. He involves himself in the war with other magical creatures, across the rift.


Like the last, the new promotional video also has similar things. The list of the cast includes more staff besides Yamamoto. These staff members are:


  • Character Design, Animation Director: Atsuko Takahashi
  • Color Setting, Color Direction: Ryou Kimura
  • Art Director: Satoru Kuwabara
  • Director of Photography: Shigeki Asakawa
  • Editor: Rumi Maruyama
  • Storyboards, Line Producer: Takashi Yamamoto
  • Key Animators: Shigeru KimishimaMasahiko Komino, Akie Yō
  • Image Boards: Yasunari Nitta
  • In-Between Check: Mari Aizawa
  • Backgrounds: Studio TENJIN
  • Photography: Raretrick
  • Logo Design: Futa
  • Production Management: Ryong-il Choe
  • Producer: Akiko Matsuo

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