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Luminous Witches Delayed! Find Out The Reason Why

In a normal “save the world” anime, what do we expect? Big villains and huge fights with some amazing soundtracks and good animation, normal, right? Well, in most of the cases, yes, but when it comes to the plot of Luminous witches, fighting really doesn’t have anything to do with saving the world.

The plot of the show, yes, you guessed it right! It revolves around The Luminous witches or as more popularly known as the “Idol Witches.” When the world is engulfed in the turmoil of war and death all over, it is these Luminous witches who make their appearance and heal the heart of those fighting the big bad Neuroi. The secret behind Neuroi is something you will have to find out on your own because we can’t spoil the anime for you now, can we? Therefore moving on, as stated above, the world is engulfed in war, and the people are left broken-hearted with no place to call home as they see their hometowns burn and their loved ones killed; nothing really ever gives them peace of mind.


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This is exactly where the unique Aviation squad, The Luminous Witches, enter, who instead of fighting to protect the people like the other squads, fight to protect their smiles and happiness, by performing various songs for them to try and bring a little bit of peace and quiet back into their lives. With all their might, the witches are quite the opposite from their other squadrons and firmly believe that the mental health of people matters!

However, the fans waiting for this unique show to make its debut in 2021 have sadly been left disappointed. It turns out that the Luminous Witches series has been delayed like many others, and the release date has been pushed back to the spring of 2022. The reason that was stated by the creators of the show and the cause of the delay was simply due to “various circumstances” now what these circumstances are is something which only time can tell, however till then our readers will have to wait. Therefore, it is time for the fans to show some patience, and we also need to realize that the show has just been pushed back and not canceled! This means that the creators are working extra hard to give the audience what they really want in much better quality. Therefore, make sure to get your hearts healed as Luminous witches is going to make its spectacular debut pretty soon!



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