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Love All Play A Badminton Anime Releasing Soon!

In the past century, the importance of sports has risen tremendously, not that it wasn’t important before Hint: Colleseum. In recent years, it just feels like the emphasis and an actual career in sports, which for some seemed implausible and without scope before, is now gaining an actual momentum. This fact was quite evident in the recent Tokyo Olympics, highlighting how one of the biggest sports tournaments brought the entire world together on a single stage. Not to mention with the success of animes like Haikyuu and Diamond No Ace, I think it’s about time that we get some more of these shounen sports anime. And what better way to start our new year but with a brand new shounen anime Love All Play Coming in 2022!

The story of Love All Play will be highlighting the sport of Badminton and how underappreciated it is as it is undoubtedly the world’s fastest sport. The anime series, which is originally based on a novel series of the same name, will be adapted by NIPPON and is set to make its debut in the spring of 2022.

If we are being completely honest here, not a lot has been released about the anime itself. The only meager details that have been presented to the audience is that the show with the name “Love All Play” is coming in April of 2022, and it is probably going to be big! However, seeing that we still have around 8 months to its original release, we can expect a trailer to hit youtube in the upcoming months.

The great thing about sports anime is that even if the viewer is completely unaware of the sport, they can still find a way to love and watch it. If we look at series like Haikyuu, which has turned into an international sensation and is definitely one of the most popular stories to be ever made, then we can easily see how a well-written story can have an influence on the audience.

However, unfortunately for us, Haikyuu has finally bid its worldwide fanbase adieu, and now the entire world is desperate to see a brand new name take its pedestal.  Will Love All Play be able to gain huge heights? Or will it fall short of our expectations? Only time can tell. Make sure to keep your Crunchyroll subscriptions lined up because April has gotten really interesting! Also, check out the teaser trailer of the series (link attached above), and don’t forget to get excited!

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