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Kyoto Animation Awards Suspended Until Further Notice

Kyoto Animation Awards’ 11th did not occur last November. It was because of the arson attack which took place in the studio in July 2019. On August 13, Kyoto Animation made an announcement through their website. It made a decision to rehost the Awards event in 2020.“As a result of comprehensive consideration” as well as the COVID 19 Pandemic. They have made a decision to suspend the event until further notice.

Kyoto Animation addressed on its websites’ blog that if a manuscript or idea is sent to the Kyoto Animation Office, they are not going to accept it and that they are “not obligated to review, evaluate, or adopt the ideas” what comes out to the studio. Kyoto Animation is not responsible for such manuscripts.

To get more updates about Kyoto Animation Awards, we will keep you posted. Keep Reading to Deadtoons for more!


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