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Komi Can’t Communicate An Introvert Looking To Make A 100 Friends Coming Soon!

High School can be really tough for some people. Most of it is because the hormone-charged up teens begin to grow up and start to look at everyone superficially. Therefore, anyone with super good looks, even in adult life, ends up becoming super popular. We all have this misconception that just because someone is beautiful and popular, they automatically are perfect; the teens do anyways. A misconception that often leads these people in the spotlight with major issues that are mostly left unresolved. Komi Can’t Communicate is a story based on a similar premise where we learn that exterior beauty is not equal to perfection!

Komi Can’t Communicate’s plot is based on the life of a young high school girl Shouko Komi. After entering one of the elite high schools in Japan, Komi immediately finds herself in the center of everyone’s attention due to her spectacular good looks and her hard-to-approach personality. Komi’s exterior stoic and poignant attitude that most misunderstood for arrogance, leave many unable to approach her and talk to her normally, leaving the young girl pretty isolated.

However, it is her seat partner, the average-looking boy named  Hirohito Tadano, who notices how Komi’s hard to approach demeanor comes from her being unable to communicate. The girl just simply cannot talk! As Tadano begins to get closer to her and tries to understand her, he begins to work on Komi’s ultimate wish To Make 100 friends! Therefore, Komi Can’t Communicate is all about Komi and Tadano Trying to get more people to be her friends.


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This slice of life, romantic comedy manga that will soon hit the big screens is definitely going places. The hilarious turn of events and the imagery are not only going to leave you in splits but would work wonderfully in lightening up the mood.

Therefore, seeing the potential of the wonderful manga series, the OLM studio has not only decided to give the story a Live-action TV drama but has also released an announcement of its anime. That’s right! Komi Can’t Communicate is going to hit the silver screen pretty soon, and by soon, I mean the October of 2021. The makers of the anime have recently released a cute and funny trailer highlighting what to expect in the upcoming series, and the trailer has easily managed to win everyone’s heart! It looks like many good animes are coming out this October, so we hope that you’re ready because October will get super busy! Make sure to check out the series’ latest trailer, the link to which is attached below.


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