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“Kingdom” Chapter 675 Release Date and Time, Where to Watch English Subs Online and Countdown

Not often do we see wartime anime garner such attention like Kingdom. What makes  “Kingdom” soo special is that it actually highlights the tragic and forlorn fate suffered by the poor in times of war and chaos. The manga’s popularity has led to the story’s serialization into a very popular anime named “Kingdom”.

Kingdom Chapter 649 raw scan
Image: Funimation

With an IMDb rating of 8.1 and 8/10 rating by MyAnimelist.net, it’s no wonder that the anime makes the series even more popular.

Plot Of “Kingdom”

The story of “Kingdom” is situated in the ancient Chinese era during the Warring States period. An era that was particularly notorious for its intense warfare and witnessed radical aristocratic and bureaucratic reforms.

Brothers Xin and Piao 
Image: Funimation

“Kingdom” is a story of two war-orphaned brothers named Xin and Piao. Xin and Piao work as slaves in a village lying in the kingdom of Qin. However, their poverty and the destitute conditions don’t falter their spirits. Both the brothers dream to one day become “The Great Generals of Heaven” and train for this purpose daily.

One day Piao is taken to the royal palace by the minister for reasons unknown to Xin. Upon his return, Xin, to his despair, is shocked to see his brother on the verge of death. Piao begs Xin to leave the village and tragically loses his life.

After traveling, Xin meets a man named Ying Zheng, who looks exactly like his brother Piao. Xin realizes that his brother was used as a body double for Ying Zheng and got fatally wounded in the kings’ clash.

This fact infuriates Xin as he realizes his brother’s death was in vain. After confronting king Zheng, Xin realizes that the king has nobility in his cause. King Zheng’s true purpose is to end the long-running warfare once and for all and never again repeat the tragedy suffered by Xin and his brother Piao.

Keeping the pain of his brother’s death in his heart Xin decides to help King Zheng. Xin starts his career and decides to become a soldier for the Qin army. With his determination ever so strong, he decides to pursue the dream shared by him and his brother. Xin makes up his mind to become the greatest general in the world.

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In conclusion, Kingdom is a story of love and loss. It is a story of how there is always hope in the worst of times. Above all, this is a story of how a strong will and a made-up mind can change the fate of the world.

Kingdom Chapter 675 Release Date and Time

Kingdom season 3

Kingdom Chapter 675 is confirmed to hit the shelves, most probably in the first week of April. However, no concrete date has been released as of yet. Fans can expect the new chapter to come out around the 4th of April 2021 so mark the calendar and start the countdown now.

However, things are not looking as bright for the anime. As of yet, the series hasn’t been renewed for a season 4.

Kingdom Raw Scans and Leaks

Kingdom Manga’s Raw Scans for chapter 675 are yet to release but we expect the scans to leak around 2nd April.


Where to Read Kingdom Manga Online

You can buy Kingdom manga online from Amazon. The kingdom is Japanese manga series and still, there is no official English version of manga available but there are fan-translated English versions of the manga available. Please support the author by buying the original version.

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