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Kimetsu No Yaiba Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date, What To Expect And Where To Watch

Ufotable has done it again! That’s right, before starting to talk about the recently released Kimetsu No Yaiba Season 2 can we all just take a moment to appreciate how amazing the animation looks in the series, I mean sure MAPPA is doing some great work, but the newly collaborated work presented by Ufotable is literally the stuff of art, from the character design to the scenery, I really don’t think anyone could have imagined them topping their own performance, but here it is ladies and gentlemen they have done it again! The evidence of which is clearly visible in their latest episode 4 that was released on 7th November. So, let’s take a review and what has happened so far and of course what to expect next! Our readers who still haven’t watched the latest episode can skip the article to the end.

Previously On Kimetsu No Yaiba Season 2 Episode 4


In the last episode of Kimetsu No Yaiba: The Mugen Train Arc we saw Tanjiro finally finding a way out from the unknown demon’s spell and realizing that the only way to wake up from this dream is to kill himself (thanks to the words echoed by his father). On the other hand, we see, the intruder that has entered Zenitsu’s subconscious suffering terribly in the dark and is literally out of the blue attacked by the secret powerful version of Zenitsu. However, even this wasn’t enough to wake him up from his sleep.

Therefore, seeing everyone deep in sleep struggling to gain control, Tanjiro makes his way to the demon, someone we know very well the previously shown rank 1 of the Lower Mizuki, who as it turns out is executing his plan secretly from atop the train.


Tanjiro leaves Nezuko behind, giving her the command to try and wake everyone up with her blood Jutsu meanwhile fighting the atrocious demon. However, just when we thought that the fight was over and Tanjiro had won, the viewers are soon left shell shocked when the demon still isn’t dead, even after being beheaded by the Nichirin sword.

The reality is that putting the demon slayers to sleep was just a way for the demon to buy some time before he could merge himself and every cell of his body with the Mugen Train. Which in other words means that Tanjiro and his comrades would now have to destroy the train itself that is carrying nearly 200 passengers in order to defeat the demon.

However, the situation turns even direr as the demon now makes his way to attack and devour the passengers leaving Tanjiro highly undermanned. But, just when we thought all hope was lost, a ray of sunshine is shined upon the fans when the episode ends with Inosuke waking up from his sleep ready to kill some demons!

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Kimetsu No Yaiba Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date And What To Expect


I think every fan was left quite worried when episode 4 of Demon Slayer titled “Insult” premiered after almost two weeks from its expected release date. The delay of the recent episode 4 is still unknown however, it is confirmed that episode 5 of Season 2 titled “Moving Forward” will be premiering on 14th November 2021.

The timings of the release date will remain the same and readers can catch the latest episode of the series on websites like Animixplay and Crunchyroll.

From the events discussed in the latest episode, it is safe to say that some real shit is going to go down in  Kimetsu No Yaiba Season Episode 5. With Inosuke, Tanjiro and Nezuko now left alone to defend the passengers, will they be able to make it? Make sure to watch the latest episode and find out (unless you’ve already watched Mugen Train the movie).





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