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Kentaro Miura, Manga Artist and Creator of ‘Berserk,’ Passes Away at 54

Kentaro Miura, maker of the well-known dim dream manga arrangement “Berserk,” passed on May 6 because of intense aortic heart problem, Dark Horse Comics, which distributes the English form of “Berserk,” demised early Thursday morning. He was 54.

Who Was Kentaro?

Kentaro Miura
Kentaro Miura
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Kentaro Miura (三浦 建太郎, Miura Kentarō) (July 11, 1966 – May 6, 2021) was a Japanese manga craftsman. He was most popular for his acclaimed dull dream manga Berserk, which started serialization in 1989 and proceeded until his demise. Starting in 2021, Berserk had over 50 million duplicates available for use, making it outstanding amongst other selling manga arrangements. In 2002, Miura got the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize.

Kentaro Miura started drawing at 10 years old, making manga for his schoolmates. However, immediately graduated to the genuine article. Filling in as an aide to George Morikawa, the maker of boxing manga Hajime No Ippo, matured 18.

Berserk recounted the tale of “Guts.” A hired soldier fighter stirred up in a savage universe of unlimited fights and enchantment. He’s on a journey for vengeance against his previous expert Griffith, who rose to turn into a devil god. It was eminent for its unfazed, frequently severe visual narrating, blended in with probably the most amazing and definite craftsmanship at any point seen in manga.

Tribute To Great Hero Kentaro Miura

Fans honored Miura on the web. Many have likewise been gathering on the web to offer recognition, holding virtual remembrances in computer games.



Indeed, even the individuals who have never perused Berserk have presumably experienced Miura’s significant impact on mainstream society. The gigantic Buster Sword employed by Cloud in Final Fantasy VII (as of late revamped for the PS4) owes a major obligation to Guts. And that praise has proceeded all through the arrangement. In the enormously multiplayer online pretending game Final Fantasy XIV. A character class (or “work”) called Dark Knight, whose reinforcement plan. Indeed, gigantic swords are likewise part of the way displayed on the Berserk hero. After information on Miura’s passing hit the web. On Wednesday night, armies of Final Fantasy XIV players accumulated their Dark Knight characters together.  The worker, remaining in a line and displaying their weapons as a recognition for the late craftsman.

Kentaro Miura and his work besides Berserk

Kentaro Miura
Giganto Maxia And Berserk

Notwithstanding Berserk, he made Giganto Maxia and Duranki’s coordinated efforts with the essayist stick out. Buronson, maker of Fist of the North Star, in arrangements like King of wolves (1989), Oh-Roh Den (1990), and Japan (1992). In these cases, he just contributed the outlines, to which he gave his specific style yet nothing else.

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