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Katabami to Ougan After It’s 5 Month Long Hiatus Will Resume From This October

The one thing that Covid-19 has taught us all is that there really is nothing mightier than nature. The planet Earth could literally kill us all in a span of few months without us being able to do anything. Similarly, the events that we see in our present have also been seen in the past. The world wars, the famines, the pandemics killing millions worldwide is something that has played a huge part in the human history. One of such defining events is undoubtedly the Ireland Potato Famine. Probably one of the worst famines to ever hit humanity, the lack of food and starvation killed millions of people within a year. Therefore to depict the atrocities of nature faced by our ancestors the manga Katabami to Ougan beautifully and harshly portrays the reality of that era.

The story takes place in the year 1849 in Ireland, when the entire country is literally starving after the potato blight spread like wildfire across the entire nation, killing over 95% of the grown crops and leaving millions starving and hopeless. One of such people is Amelia, a 14-year old girl belonging to a very proficient family who loses everything –  her wealth, her family members, and her home after the famine. Now all Amelia has left is her faithful servant Connor, who follows and protects her everywhere.

Together the duo must find a way to survive in the famine-ridden land, and the only way to do so is to get their hands on the Calofinua Gold Rush. Thus, both of them embark on a journey and must travel far and wide in a land of death to save themselves and their future.


Now as gloomy as the plot might sound, Katabami to Ougan truly is nothing compared to what the manga actually depicts. If you want to feel blessed for being born in the 21st century, then make sure to read the struggles of Amelia and Connor in Katabami to Ougan.

The manga, which has released 5 volumes, has been on a break for nearly 5 months. The last chapter of the series was released on the 18th of March 2021, and since then, there have been no updates regarding the start of a new volume. However, for all the fans that have been reeling to know more, your wait is finally over as Katabami to Ougan is confirmed to make a comeback from the 19th of October. The manga will be resuming its cour after Kodansha has released an official statement confirming its comeback. Therefore, Make sure to get your hands on the latest of chapters available on Crunchyroll!

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