Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 30 Delayed | New Release Date & Where To Read

The latest chapter of Kaiju No. 8 – a shōnen manga series- gets a fresh release date. Earlier scheduled for 25 March, the chapter now gets a week-long delay. The reasons for the delay are not yet clear, but certain rumors have been circulating.

Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 30 Release Date

Chapter 29 though scheduled for March 11, came out on 18th March after being delayed for a week. Similarly, Chapter 30 will now be out on 1st April instead of 25 March. The chapter will be out at 12:00 am JST. The English translations for the manga will be available on the same date with a difference in time according to the time zones. It will be out at 9:00 am according to the Pacific time. Going by British time, chapter 30 will be available at 5:00 pm.

Why has the chapter been delayed?

The manga, which is published weekly, has been delayed more than once this year. With chapters 26 and 29 already released with week-long delays, the latest delay has left fans speculating. If one considers the rumors, then author Naoya Matsumoto is busy with Volume 3. Though Shueisha has mentioned no official reason, fans think this to be the cause for the delay since volume 3’s release date is fast approaching.

Kaiju No.- 8: Plot and Chapter 30 Spoilers

Kaiju No.- 8 begins with Japan in turmoil as monsters named “Kaiju” regularly attack the nation. The Japanese Defense Force is an organization tasked with killing these monsters. Childhood friends Kafka Hibino and Mina Ashiro decide to join the Force with a vengeful spirit as the Kaijus destroyed their hometown. Unfortunately, Kafka fails and ends up in the clean-up crew named Monster sweeper Inc. whereas Mina becomes the strongest of the Defense Force. Until One day when everything changes as Kafka mysteriously becomes a Kaiju.

Kaiju No 8 chapter 29 Raws
Image: 12Dimension

In chapter 29, a destructive battle took place between Hoshino and a powerful Kaiju. The chapter ended with Mina Ashiro coming to the battle scene, which left fans gripping at their seats. Chapter 30, most likely, will bring us some drastic action as Mina takes on this monstrous being. The latest chapter might also unravel the mystery revolving around the tiger, which always accompanies Captain Mina into battle.

Where to read Kaiju No.- 8?

The manga is published digitally by Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+. Fans can read it online on VIZ’s official site and Shueisha’s Mangaplus service. Mangaplus app and VIZ’s Shōnen Jump app are some mobile applications readers can use. Both of these apps are available on the Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

The manga recently completed 1.2 million copies in circulation. Volume 2 of the manga came out on March 8, and the third volume is scheduled for July this year. VIZ also announced that they had licensed the English release for the first volume set for Fall 2021.

With Captain Mina’s arrival towards the end of chapter 29, fans are excited to wait for the new chapter to see Mina Ashiro’s powerful moves. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a while as the latest chapter gets delayed. Stay tuned for more updates about Kaiju No.- 8 and other anime and manga news!

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