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Junji Ito Writer Of Remina Wins Two Eisner Awards!

Junji Ito is a name that is making all the headlines in the mangaka world. The incredible writer is most popular for his take on the horror genre and has recently gained huge a huge medal of honor for winning not one but two Eisner Awards!

For our readers who might not know, Eisner awards, short for The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, are like the Academy Awards of the comic book world. Junji Ito received two awards for his work on the short manga series Remina for which he won the Eisner Award for Best U.S. Edition of International Material—Asia and Best Author for his work on Venus In the blind spot, a collection of short horror stories.



The story of both of his works and especially Remina are literally bone-chilling and terrifying. The story of Remina Junji Ito’s manga of 2005 focuses on a scientist who discovers a habitable planet and names it after his daughter Remina. Initially, living peacefully on the serene ecosystem, humanity is happy and thriving in their new home, with the daughter of the scientist Remina receiving adoration wherever she went. However, when an undying doom appears in front of humankind, all senses are lost. As humanity now faces the ultimate threat of extinction, A mysterious cult appears that believes that sacrificing Remina is their last hope and thus begins the manhunt to kill a girl who must flee for her life when the rest of the world is consumed by utter madness. With only a homeless man as her refuge, Remina must find a way to save herself.



As chilling as his artwork is, Junji Ito’s horror influence, however, is not only limited to the comic and graphic novel industry but also to the gaming industry. Ito has contributed his ideas for horror games like Silent Hills and Death Stranding. Not to mention that each of his works can be a brilliant plot for a movie or a show. Therefore on that note, our readers would be extremely pleased to know that Junji Ito’s one of the best works, Uuzumki, is getting its very own horror anime series coming out in 2022.

However, the most amazing thing about Ito’s work is that as much as it includes some supernatural elements, he never fails to portray the terrifying truth behind human nature at the end of the day. How reality is stranger than fiction and how desperate times can turn people into monsters. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that his intellectual take on complex human nature and the limits a man is willing to cross makes him one of the best horror writers of all time.

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