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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 153: Who Is Hakari Kinji? Finally Revealed!

After its prolonged hiatus since the Golden Week, Gege Akatumi, it seems, has finally picked up his pace, releasing one exciting chapter after another. As the readers of Jujutsu Kaisen might already be aware, things with Yuuji, Megumi, and Panda aren’t looking so hot right now. The trio trying to get more people to support them and find a way to release Gojo Sensei and help Nobara are undoubtedly desperate for strong allies.

The story, which we all know has taken a very dark turn recently, is getting even more exciting because the new chapter is finally introducing the missing links and pieces, faces that we all had been wanting to see and know more about. As we all know, there are only some students in Gojo Satorou’s eyes, worthy enough to be one day as strong as him. However, only Yuta and Hakari, the mysterious third years we had all been waiting to see, are those who none other than Gojou believes might one day even surpass him. Having shown their skills quite a few times.

Not to mention Yuta himself told Yuuji not to underestimate Hikari Kinji and proceed with caution, as he is without a doubt powerful. However, the biggest question that the readers are asking right now is, is he an ally or a foe. Does he believe in the students, or will he side with the higher-ups?

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In the manga, Hakari is portrayed as a thug. Getting suspended for beating up elderly, and is also shown to run an underground martial arts fight club where people with no cursed powers compete with ordinary humans in a full-time brawl session! Chapter 153 also proceeded to introduce another face, a girl who is also a third-year named Hoshi Kirara.

Out of all the infamous, strong third years, Hoshi is a name that hasn’t come up even once. The only thing we know about Hoshi is that she’s the girlfriend of Hakari and is also a third-year with mysterious powers, which makes her character even more intriguing. However, is she as powerful as her fellow classmen? We will have to wait and find out.

Seeing how Maki is busy with her “Family-issues” and Yuuji and Megumi are down a member, not to mention without the guidance of their teacher, things are really getting out of hand for these two. With the introduction of brand new faces that are just as hard to read as it is to guess this plot. However, deep down, we all know the darkness of Jujutsu Kaisen is just Getting started! Make sure to read the latest chapter of the manga on Crunchyroll and keep on following our post to know more about what happens next!


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