Jouran: The Princess Of Snow And Blood Episode 9 Release and Updates

Jouran: The Princess Of Snow and Blood.

Jouran: The Princess Of Snow and Blood is a recent anime release that is very unique in itself. The anime started airing on April 7 and is getting increasingly popular day by day. The anime is an original from Bakken Record and is directed by Susumu Kudo. As of now, 7-8 episodes have aired. So, what do we know about Jouran: The Princess Of Snow and Blood episode 9? Read ahead to find out.

Jouran: The Princess Of Snow and Blood Episode 9 Release Date

Uptill now, the anime has aired 8 episodes with the seventh one coming out on 19 May. So keeping up with the routine the ninth episode will be out 26 May, Wednesday. The anime releases new episodes every week precisely, every Wednesday. In Japan, the anime runs on NTV, BS NTV, CS NTV+.

Jouran: The Princess Of Snow and Blood Plot

In an alternate world, 1931 Japan is still ruled by a monarchy. The Tokugawa Shogunate is still in power which makes 1931 the 64th year of the Meiji period. After discovering a mysterious energy source named “Dragon Vein,” the country is heading towards an advanced Edo period. However, the government faces off against a group of rebels named “Kuchinawa” who hate the Shogunates isolationist policies. Therefore, the government maintains an elite group of executioners named “Nue.”

Sawa Yukimura runs a book shop under the guise of an ordinary life. But in reality, she is a Nue executioner aimed at seeking revenge for her family and tribe. Sawa has special abilities granted by her blue blood, she joins Nue the group promises info about her target-Janome, the leader of the Kuchinawa.

Where to Watch Jouran: The Princess Of Snow and Blood?

The anime is licensed by Crunchyroll so you can stream it there. As of this moment, the anime is not available on any other website. Also we have no news if it will be available elsewhere in the future. So if you want to watch the anime, be sure to get a paid subscription to Crunchyroll and some popcorn before you binge the show.

Sawa Yukimura, the Protagonist

Last Words

Jouran: The Princess Of Snow and Blood is pretty unique in having a female lead and a warrior. The story of the show is more or less new to the scene but the anime could’ve done a lot better with good character development.

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