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John Mulaney: Comedian’s Cocaine & Alcohol Addiction Reportedly Takes Him To A Rehab!

Fans of well-known comedian John Mulaney have been pretty worried since the last couple of days as multiple reports suggested that he has checked in to a rehabilitation center due to his drug and alcohol abuse issues.

The news about the 38-year old comedian entering a treatment facility for 60 days first came out via The New York Post’s Page Six and has been doing the rounds of the internet since then. However, no one from John Mukaney’s family, friends, or team has confirmed the news or responded to the ongoing discussions.

Since When Has John Mulaney Been Addicted To Drugs And Alcohol?

John Mulaney discussed his alcohol and drug issues in a number of interviews in the past. He had revealed that he started consuming alcohol at the age of just 13 years and later went on to get addicted to drugs including prescription drugs and cocaine. But, he reportedly overcame his addiction till the age of 23.

Mulaney, who is known for his fantastic work in Saturday Night Live, admitted that he started drinking for attention. Around the time when he turned 12, he just didn’t know how to act anymore but before that, he had been a very outgoing kid. So, he started drinking and felt normal again.

John Mulaney     IMAGE: SlashFilm

But, he went on to become addicted to alcohol and after a while, cocaine too. Later, he felt that he was getting out of control and he doesn’t like the guy he has become. He didn’t kill or harm anyone and the decision came without the help of any treatment program.

What’s Up For Mulaney Next?

At the beginning of November, it was announced by Disney that John Mulaney will lend his voice to “Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers”, an upcoming animated film. Mulaney has also been associated with Late Night with Seth Meyers as a staff writer.

It’s always a great time to watch John Mulaney and his work. His jokes, comic timing, and way of presentation have never failed to win hearts. In addition to Mulaney’s contribution to writing for Saturday Night Live as a writer and host, he has also hosted “The Comeback Kid”, a stand-up special on Netflix.


As we wait for a response from his family and representatives, let’s hope John Mulaney succeeds in battling his alcohol and drug addiction and comes up with new and exciting projects for his fans soon.

We’ll keep you updated about any new information, till then, stay tuned with us.

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