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Isekai Quartet Getting It’s Own Movie Titled “Another World”

Isekai is a genre that truly stands out on its own. I think at one point or another, all of us wish to escape our monotonous lives and just enter into the adventurous worlds of video games and shows. Isekai, knowing very well the weakness of a human heart, plays directly into this plot making it one of the most-watched genres only after shounen. Although Isekai animes are criticised for not having an original plot, the fans undoubtedly disagree. However, in recent years one of the biggest surprises that this genre has given us without question is the brand new series titled Isekai Quartet.

But! Just when we thought that we couldn’t be more surprised. A new movie sweeps in over the town. That’s right, Isekai Quartet is now getting its very own anime film!

What We Know So Far

Image: Crunchyroll

Let’s face it, the launching of the Isekai Quartet was one of the biggest and most wonderful surprises in the anime world.  I mean, how often do we get a chance to see not one but four of our top-rated isekai animes coming together into one story. However, it seems that the surprises don’t just end there.

The well-raved show is now ready to get its very own anime film titled “Isekai Quartet: Another World”. But, our readers better hold their horses as the creators of the movie are just getting started. A lot of you might be aware that season 2 of the show concluded in 2020. Therefore, just when the fans were waiting for a season 3, the creators of the series surprised them with a movie.

That’s right, Isekai Quartet: Another World will not only serve as a blockbuster entertainment source but also as the much-awaited sequel of season 2. The movie will star the same characters from the previous two seasons along with some new faces like characters from one of the hottest isekai anime in recent times, “Rising of the shield hero”.

With the story continuing from season 2, we suggest our fans better get their reruns lined up as 2022 is going to be an eventful year. With movies like Jujutsu Kaisen “0” and “Another World” coming out, it is safe to say that next year will truly be the best!

A Brief Introduction To Isekai Quartet

Image: Crunchyroll

Isekai Quartet is actually one of the first multi-dimensional cross-over shows bringing stories from over 5 different animes into one and, ofcourse, in chibi form. Originally, The series crossovers the stories of KonoSubaOverlordRe: Zero − Starting Life in Another World, and Saga of Tanya the Evil. However, in the new movie and the new season, we got to see even more characters from shows like Rising of the shield hero and Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious.

As the protagonists of these different worlds are busy fighting the villains and winning wars, one day a magical button appears upon pressing which they all are transformed into a parallel dimension where they all end up in A high school!

To know more about the latest release of your favourite manga and anime, make sure to keep on following our post! Also, don’t forget to watch the official Isekai Quartet movie announcement trailer, the link for which is given below.

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