Despite stating that he had been decided to complete the series before this season, Image Comics co-founder and comic founder Rob Liefeld has apparently admitted defeat by verifying that the Picture Unitedminiseries is lifeless.

In response to some remark on Twitter mentioning some time when people believed the famously delayed miniseries will be completed, Liefeld discussed the elements that caused the comic’s departure, the first of which being Spawn founder Todd McFarlane’s death from the job.

“Todd ceased working on it completely, informed that the rest of us he was not likely to donate any farther. And it expired,” that the Deadpool co-creator confessed. Liefeld also adds that there is”no chance at all” of Picture United being completed now that Youngblood — his Picture production — is from the picture. Early last month, Liefeld disclosed that he has control of their Youngblood characters.

The show was meant to operate for six problems. But, only 3 issues were published, using a nine-month gap happening between issues #2 and #3. The rest of the issues never came into fruition, however spinoffs — like a prologue-centric difficulty 0 — were created. The founders involved said their programs as being the reason for the delay,” and said that the job was at distinct points of conclusion through recent years.


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