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Goodbye, Don Glees! An Adventure Of A Lifetime Anime Movie Coming Soon

The one thing that shows like Stranger Things and movies like It, Spirited Away, and Hunt for the Wilderpeople have taught us is that we should never underestimate the power of adventure hardy driven kids, capable of doing anything once they band together. Not to mention, that there is something very attractive when the protagonist of the story are feeble kids trying their best to make it in this big damn scary world. Therefore, if you want to see another band of misfits going on an adventure of a lifetime, then you’re in for a treat because Goodbye Don Glees! is everything that you’re looking for.

The story of the upcoming anime film Goodbye Don Glees! will be centered around two young boys named Rōma and Toto. The two boys became friends when Roma moved to the rural countryside from Tokyo and had a hard time adjusting to the changing scenery. It was only after meeting Toto, that Roma was finally able to adjust and the two boys banded together to form a duo and named their duo Don Glees. The two friends, in the summer of their first year of high school, added another member into Don Glees named Drop who invites them for a thrilling adventure to see the entire land and the world from the top. The two of them follow their newfound friend. however, what was supposed to be a simple fun-filled expedition turned into something much more serious.

Image: Madhouse

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Upon their arrival on the top, the trio gets caught up in a sudden wildfire and are accused of starting the devastating fire. With no way to prove their innocence and a sure-shot punishment waiting for them upon their return home, the Don Glees decides to hunt down the drone, that they were fooling around with as it is the sole piece of evidence that can prove their innocence.

Our readers would be happy to know that the interesting but rather unfortunate story of the Don Glees members is being overseen by none other than Madhouse Studio themselves and has already managed to turn a lot of heads around with its recently announced cast and crew. With soo, many expectations of the fans and critics alike, the Madhouse studio will really have to step up their game to bring life to this thrilling story.

Although no concrete release date has been announced as of yet Goodbye, Don Glees! is all set to premiere in the year 2022. The creators of the show have just recently released a teaser trailer (link attached below) which our readers can watch to find out exactly what the story is all about. If you think that you’re ready for a summer adventure then make sure to keep an eye out for the coming-of-age story Goodbye, Don Glees!



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