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GKIDS announces 18 films to Kanopy Service for free.

GKIDS announces that it has added 18 of its films to the Kanopy service for free. It includes the anime films A Letter to MomoPatema InvertedWelcome to THE SPACE SHOW, and the Studio Ghibli.

GKID-announces-18 films free-on kanopy


It tweets, till now, only 18 titles are available on Kanopy and with more are on the way!  It quotes, “Unwind with the colorful ERNEST & CELESTINE, get swept up in the romance of CHICO & RITA, or go behind the scenes of #StudioGhibli in THE KINGDOM OF DREAMS AND MADNESS. We’ve got you covered no matter your mood.” So many flavors are there—different flavors, different tastes, different recipes, but on one plate.

GKIDS 18 films

First, to understand the sequence, we have to know what this GKIDS! When it says, GKIDS announces 18 films to Kanopy Service for free.

So what is GKIDS? 

GKIDS is an American film distributor based in New York. According to the Los Angeles Times, It is the focus of “sophisticated, indie” animations. This distributor uses a bespoke administration method to release critically acclaimed,hand-drawn, and international films. The company has earned a distinction since 2010. By then, it accumulated a series of Academy Award nominations for “underdog” films. Do you know who does it beat? It strikes none other than but the out big-budget American films such as The Lego MovieThe Peanuts Movie, and Finding Dory.

What Is the Kanopy in GKIDS announces 18 films to Kanopy Service for free

Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video platform only for public libraries and universities. It offers movies and documentaries. It also provides a dedicated and customizable website through which members can stream movies. Kanopy has many subdivisions. Among which Kanopy Kids in one which includes children’s programming.  The service of the platform consists of many features. Some of these are captions, transcripts, clip creation, and playlist creation that allow users to share videos.

GKIDS Announces free !8 films on Kanopy


How to use Kanopy to access 18 films by GKIDS?

See the picture above. All the details are therethrough picturization. Still, if you need a description, it is here. To access the films, viewers must go to Kanopy.com. Then they need to create an account with either their university information or public library information. It’s all that! Now all you have to do is wait for the response of GKIDS to Kanopy.

To know more about the animes, stick to the page.


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