Gal Gadot receives Backlash on ‘Israel-Palestine War’ Tweet

Gal Gadot and Twitter Backlash

The Israeli actress Gal Gadot is known as one of the most influential celebrities. The Wonder Woman always voices her thoughts and concerns. However, recently venting out her feelings has caused her great trouble. Gal Gadot’s recent tweet about the tension between Isreal and Palestine has become a source of worry for her. What did the actress say that was shot down so brutally? Read the article to find out Gal Gadot’s tweet and backlash history.

Ranked twice as one of the highest-paid actresses, Gal Gadot rose to fame after winning Miss Israel 2004. Gadot then served in the Isreal military as a soldier for two years before moving on to college and focussing on her career. Starting as Gisele in Fast & Furious in 2009, Gal Gadot became international fame. Soon after, she became a member of the DC Universe, casting as Diana Prince or Wonder Woman. Ranked among the 100 most influential people in the world in 2018, the actress has surely covered miles.

Gal Gadot’s Tweet and Criticism

The recent spark of hostility between Isreal and Palestine is heartbreaking for all of us. Both the nations are attacking each other through missiles and other tools, causing wide-scale destruction. Around 109 people have lost their lives so far. Out of this, 109, 29 were children. Gal Gadot, on 12 May, took to Twitter to express her worry about the recent conflict. The actress showed concern for her friends, family and called this war a ‘vicious cycle.’ She wished the hostility to cease and also wished the same for ‘our neighbor.’

Backlash Story

However, Gadot’s tweet sparked some series of outrage on social media. Netizens criticized her for acting as the “propaganda instrument” for Isreal. Others acted out on her, referring to Palestine as ‘neighbor’ instead of using the name itself. The comments section became a war scene, and the actress was being targeted repeatedly. Overwhelmed, Gal Gadot had to disable the comments on her Twitter and Instagram. In such a time, we all look forward to cooperative and caring behavior from all.

The War and The World

The recent tension and conflict have been a cause of concern for all. Many people are voicing their concerns over different platforms, just like Gal Gadot. The actress said that she is worried for all and wants this hostility to end. She says that she wishes for “better days.” Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Mark Ruffalo also took to various social media to show their concern. In such stressful times, let us all hope for peace and a beautiful world.


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