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Futsal Boys!!!!! Anime Delayed! Here’s What We Know

Now we know that not many of our readers have ever heard of a game called “Futsal”. Let alone be aware of its anime. However, we want all our readers to have an open mind and keep reading this post because many times, the things we do not know end up becoming worldwide sensations. To our unaware readers, Futsal is a game like soccer, except with 5 players on each side, and is generally played Indoors. Futsal Boys!!!!! As the name suggests is an upcoming shounen anime/ game based on the sport of futsal.

The show’s story takes place in a world in which Futsal’s popularity has skyrocketed over time. With the sport having its own world cup and everything. After watching the enthusiastic match of the U-18 Japanese team, a young boy named  Haru Yamato gets highly inspired to become like one of the star players and his personal idol  Tokinari Tenōji.

However, given the sport’s popularity and the cutthroat competition that exists all around Haru, becoming one of the best might just be a pipe dream. However, with a strong heart and a spirit to achieve something, Haru decides to pursue his ambitions regardless of shortcomings.


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However, it seems that we might have to wait a bit more to see what Futsal Boys!!!!! Is made of. As mentioned above, the series is not only being animated into an anime but is also going to release its very own game. Now, as smoothly as the producers wanted the series to progress, it seems that quite literally a glitch has delayed their plans.  It has come to the fans’ notice that the producers of the game based on the series is having trouble with the quality issues and procedures recently, due to which the release of the franchise, which was scheduled to hit around the winter of 2021, has been pushed back to the spring of 2022.

However, seeing how literally every anime nowadays is getting postponed for one reason or another, it hardly makes a difference for us as spectators. Therefore. All we can do is to wish the producers of the franchise the best of luck and get ready to get our hopes up for 2022!

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