The God of High School Filler List

In recent years we have seen the rise of the manhwas, with more and more South Korean Manhwa artists making a name for themselves. Likewise, we have seen how the popularity of Solo Levelling is rising as we speak. Similarly, there is a new story in town named The God Of High School. The story of God High School is one of the unique ones out there, but a setting other than japan is what makes the story even more interesting. Moreover, for a newcomer, the rating of the show is also pretty impressive. With a 7.4/10 rating from, I think we can all agree that this is a show that we need to keep an eye on. If you think that you might like to try out watching the god of high school, then make sure to read the entire post!

Writer Yongje Park
Studio MAPPA
Original Run July 6, 2020 – September 28, 2020
Episodes 13
Fillers(%) 0

A Brief Introduction To The Plot


A long time ago, there existed a world where the three realms – the realm of humans, Demons, and monsters, and lastly, the realm of heavenly creatures coexisted together in the same plane. Back then, there was no heaven, hell, or earth, just a single land for all. However, with their lust for power, the demons began attacking the weak humans in a pursuit to conquer their race. Therefore, taking pity on them, the strongest creatures, the heavenly realm decided to let the humans borrow their power to protect themselves from the demon attacks.

Seeing soo much conflict and war between the three realms and seeing his plan fail, God decided to split up the three species to regain peace. However, he didn’t take away the power of borrowing from the human realm, which is said to persist even now.


Image: MAPPA

When Mori Jin, a high schooler living in Seoul, South Korea, is invited to join a martial arts tournament named the God Of High School, he can not help but hide his skepticism. Initially thinking of it as just a normal competition, he dismisses the plea. However, his interest is piqued when he sees that the winner will have their wish granted with no questions asked. The prize attracts him to the competition; however, as he sees his fellow contenders, he realizes this isn’t going to be an ordinary martial arts fight. With some participants also being able to use the power of borrowing. Does Mori stand a chance at winning? What is the true purpose of this competition? Make sure to watch the entire series and find out!

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The God Of High School Filler List

The God Of High School has currently no reporter fillers. Therefore, it is the perfect show to binge on your weekends. To know more about filler lists of animes that you might be interested in, make sure to keep on following our post!

The God Of High School Manga Canon Episodes List

Manga Canon Episodes:

The God Of High School Episodes List

# Title Type
1 set up/stand up MANGA CANON
2 renewal/soul MANGA CANON
3 wisdom/kingdom MANGA CANON
4 marriage/bonds MANGA CANON
5 ronde/hound MANGA CANON
7 anima/force MANGA CANON
8 close/friend MANGA CANON
9 curse/cornered MANGA CANON
10 oath/meaning MANGA CANON
11 lay/key MANGA CANON

Where To Watch The God Of High School Online?

Image: MAPPA

You can watch all the latest episodes of The God Of High School online in English Sub/Dub for absolutely free only on Crunchyroll and viz-media. Also do make sure to check out the series’ latest trailer to find out what the show is really all about! To stay updated on all the latest news on your favourite mangas and animes, make sure to keep on following our post