Shaman King (2021) Filler List

2020-2021 has been the year of surprises, with the announcement of shows like Shaman King and Bleach coming back, left fans both happy and extremely shocked. Anyone who has watched the show was extremely unhappy with the way things ended. Therefore, just like Hunter X Hunter, the fact that the show has been picked up again makes us realize how much the anime had to offer. Therefore, if you would like to get your much-desired shounen Fix, watch The Shaman King and read the entire post.

Writer Hiroyuki Takei
Studio Bridge
Original Run April 1, 2021 – present
Episodes 9 (Currently Ongoing)
Filler(%) 0

A Brief Introduction To The Plot

Image: Netflix

In the real world, shamans are known as temple priests and people who worship the deity. Although, Shaman king is a bit like that, the meaning of shamans takes a whole new level in this series.

In the world of Shaman King, The shamans act as a medium between the worlds of the living and the dead. A world where life and death take an intricate meaning and where magic plays a crucial part in people’s lives. It is safe to say that only highly talented with great potential can truly call themselves shaman.

However, every shaman big and small waits pateintly for a competition that is held every 500 years. A competition between shamans to become the next shaman king. However, the grand prize is what every shaman is after.

That is, after becoming a shaman king the winner would be able to contact the great spirit, who will grant the winner the power to reshape the world into their thinking and ideals and basically give them the power to become God.

The story of the show revolves around our protagonist named  Yoh Asakura, who must win the shaman torunament and defeat his estranged twin brother  Hao Asakura,  who wishes to eradicate all humans and create a world only for shamans.

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Shaman King Filler List

Image: Netflix

A lot of our readers might be aware, that shaman king is currently an ongoing series, releasing its spin-off in 2021. With the new graphics, new soundtracks the show is set to become of the best in the near future. Therefore, this filler list will keep on getting updated as more episodes are aired. Shaman King (2021) has so far released only 9 episodes. However, none of them are fillers, not yet anyway. To know more about filler episodes of animes that you would like to watch make sure to keep on following our post!

Shaman King Manga Canon Episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:

Shaman King Episodes List

# Title Type
1 The Boy Who Dances with Ghosts MANGA CANON
2 Another Shaman MANGA CANON
3 Anna and Tao Jun MANGA CANON
4 Best Place MANGA CANON
5 Over Soul! MANGA CANON
6 Yoh vs. Horohoro! MANGA CANON
7 Such Courage MANGA CANON
8 Evolution MANGA CANON
9 Yoh vs. Lotus Again! MANGA CANON

Where To Watch Shaman King (2021) Online?

You can watch all the latest episodes of the new and improved series in English Sub/Dub for absolutely free on Crunchyroll and Viz-Media. Our readers would also be happy to know that the streaming rights of the show is with netflix. Therefore, the entire series is also available on Netflix.