Rave Master Filler List

Rave Master is a series that is close to the heart of the kids from the 90s. Releasing in 2001, this is just one of many splendid works of Hiro Mashima, who went on to write further top-rated series like Fairy tail and Edens Zero. Rave Master’s Adventure fantasy genre is surely going to occupy all of your senses. Although the animation might be too old for some, the quality of the content is definitely not compromised. Therefore, if you think that rave master is an anime you would like to watch, then read the entire post.

The story of the Rave master might remind you of the shows like The Black Clover, Seven Deadly Sins, and Fairy Tail. So, if you liked any of the shows mentioned before then you are in for a treat.

Although, I have to be honest not a lot of people have heard about the show. It is what you call an underestimated gem. With a 7.2/10 rating from MyAnimelist.net, it is safe to say that rave master is a well-liked series. However, the ratings only matter so much, the true opinions of the viewer is what really counts. If you’re planning on watching Rave Master and are looking to know more about it then you’ve come to the right place.

Writer Hiro Mashima
Original Run October 13, 2001 – September 28, 2002
Studio Studio Deen
Episodes 51
Filler (%) 2%

An Introduction To The Plot


Image: Kodansha

The story takes place in a world of magic. A world where powerful magic stones are found. The stones can bestow its user a unique and immense power, a power that can be used for both good and bad.

The story begins in the year 0015, the world is being tormented and terrorized by the “Dark Bring” one of the dark stones that grant its users terrifying powers. The Raregroove Kingdom, the one using the dark bring is now in an all-out war with the Symphonia Kingdom. However, the Symphonia kingdom has its own stones known as the Rave.

In the midst of a fierce battle where the Symphonia kingdom is on the verge of losing, the rave master, the master of the five rave stones attempts to destroy the Dark Bring. The thing is, the dark bring used by the Raregroove Kingdom is the most powerful stone ever made also known as the “Mother of dark brings” named Sinclair. In a final and desperate attempt to destroy the Sinclair, the Rave Master strikes the dark bring with his 10 commandment sword, destroying it.

However, the aftermath of his blow creates a huge explosion and destroys the 1/10th of the known world. The Rave Master named Shiba Roses is somehow saved by his companion “Plue” a guardian dog but the 4/5 rave stone and plue himself are now lost, scattered around the world.


Haru talking with the former rave master Shiba Roses
Image: Studio Sheen

The story continues after 50 years from the events of the year 0015. Haru Glory is a 16-year-old boy living a peaceful life in Garage Island along with his sister. However, his life completely changes when while fishing he ends up finding the guardian dog “Plue”. Learning about Plue’s discovery, Shiba reaches out to Haru to reclaim what was his. However, Shiba is targeted and killed by a terrorist organization Demon Card.

Before dying, Shiba gives his ten commandment sword, the plue, and one of the five raves to Haru and tells him that he is now the second Rave Master. He orders Haru to find the remaining of the raves and become powerful enough to protect the kingdom and fight the Demon Card.

Haru getting inspired by Shiba’s words, embarks on a journey along with Plue to find all the rave stones and to become the Rave Master.

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Rave Master Filler List

Rave Master Manga Canon Episode List

Manga Canon Episodes:
1-7, 9-40, 42-51 

Rave Master Mixed Canon Episodes List

Mixed Canon Episodes:

Rave Master Filler Episode List

Filler Episodes:

Rave Master Episode List

# Title Type
1 The Rave Master, Part 1 MANGA CANON
2 The Rave Master, Part 2 MANGA CANON
3 Release the Beasts, Part 1 MANGA CANON
4 Release the Beasts, Part 2 MANGA CANON
5 Release the Beasts, Part 3 MANGA CANON
6 Release the Beasts, Part 4 MANGA CANON
7 Release the Beasts, Part 5 MANGA CANON
9 A Bite to Eat MANGA CANON
10 Sound of Thunder, Part 1 MANGA CANON
11 Sound of Thunder, Part 2 MANGA CANON
12 Sound of Thunder, Part 3 MANGA CANON
13 Under Tremolo Mountain, Part 1 MANGA CANON
14 Under Tremolo Mountain, Part 2 MANGA CANON
15 Under Tremolo Mountain, Part 3 MANGA CANON
16 Fortress in Flight, Part 1 MANGA CANON
17 Fortress in Flight, Part 2 MANGA CANON
18 Fortress in Flight, Part 3 MANGA CANON
19 Out of Time, Part 1 MANGA CANON
20 Out of Time, Part 2 MANGA CANON
21 Out of Time, Part 3 MANGA CANON
22 Out of Time, Part 4 MANGA CANON
23 Out of Time, Part 5 MANGA CANON
24 Out of Time, Part 6 MANGA CANON
25 Singing the Blues MANGA CANON
26 Bandits Behind MANGA CANON
27 Under Desert Sands, Part 1 MANGA CANON
28 Under Desert Sands, Part 2 MANGA CANON
29 Under Desert Sands, Part 3 MANGA CANON
30 In the Tower of Din, Part 1 MANGA CANON
31 In the Tower of Din, Part 2 MANGA CANON
32 In the Tower of Din, Part 3 MANGA CANON
33 In the Tower of Din, Part 4 MANGA CANON
34 The Enclaim, Part 1 MANGA CANON
35 The Enclaim, Part 2 MANGA CANON
36 The Enclaim, Part 3 MANGA CANON
37 The Enclaim, Part 4 MANGA CANON
38 The Enclaim, Part 5 MANGA CANON
39 Origins: Shiba MANGA CANON
40 Origins: Sir Plue MANGA CANON
41 Sideshow FILLER
42 All Aboard, Part 1 MANGA CANON
43 All Aboard, Part 2 MANGA CANON
44 All Aboard, Part 3 MANGA CANON
45 The Shadow Master MANGA CANON
46 Return of the Oracion Six, Part 1 MANGA CANON
47 Return of the Oracion Six, Part 2 MANGA CANON
48 Return of the Oracion Six, Part 3 MANGA CANON
49 Return of the Oracion Six, Part 4 MANGA CANON
50 Further Mysteries, Part 1 MANGA CANON
51 Further Mysteries, Part 2 MANGA CANON
Image: Studio Sheen

You can watch All 51 episodes of Rave Master that are available on sites like Crunchyroll And Viz Media in both EnglishSub/Dub for absolutely free. Make sure to watch the amazing series till the end!