One Punch Man Filler List

One Punch Man is a show that is close to the heart of a lot of shounen fans. If you liked shows like My Hero Academia, then you’ll absolutely fall in love with One-Punch Man. However, the production of the show has been kind of slow, with over 23 volumes released. Given the popularity, the show should have had more episodes. However, much to the delight of the fans, after waiting for almost 4 years, the show finally received a season 2. However, now we’re once again left in the waiting period. But! For our readers out there, this is a perfect chance to sit back and binge-watch the entire series before season 3 arrives. To know more about One Punch Man and what all it is about, make sure to read the entire post.

Writer ONE
Studio Madhouse (Season 1) J.C. Staff (Season 2)
Original Run October 5, 2015 – July 2, 2019
Episodes 24
Filler(%) 0%

A Brief Introduction To The Plot

Image: Viz-Media

In the world of One Punch Man, humanity lives in a supercontinent on Earth. A continent ravaged by monstrous beasts and Rogue AI. Therefore, in order to fight these monsters, the Hero Organization was created.

The story follows the life of Saitama, who,  at the beginning, was a normal working man. However, due to an incident where he was too weak to save a child from a monster prompted him to become strong.

Therefore, after three years of rigorous training and hard work, which made Saitama completely bald, he has now become the strongest hero ever to live. A hero that can defeat any villain in just one punch. Hence he is called the “One Punch man”. However, his powerful feats are rarely ever acknowledged, so much so that he is given a low-class rank because he didn’t score too well in his hero entrance test.

However, underestimating the kind-hearted bored hero who’s too powerful for any villain to handle is a story that everyone definitely needs to watch.

Will Saitama remain undefeated? Or will his boring life finally come to a halt when he meets a worthy opponent? Make sure to watch the entire show to find out.

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One Punch Man Filler List

Lucky for you, One Punch Man has so far released 0 filler episodes. You know what that means, right? No interruption whatsoever! Fillers are damn right annoying sometimes, and it’s never bad to skip them. To know more about filler lists of animes you would like to watch, keep on reading our post.

One Punch Man Manga Canon Episodes List

Manga Canon Episodes:

One-Punch Man Episode List

# Title Type
1 The Strongest Man MANGA CANON
2 The Lone Cyborg MANGA CANON
3 The Obsessive Scientist MANGA CANON
4 The Modern Ninja MANGA CANON
5 The Ultimate Mentor MANGA CANON
6 The Terrifying City MANGA CANON
7 The Ultimate Disciple MANGA CANON
8 The Deep Sea King MANGA CANON
9 Unyielding Justice MANGA CANON
10 Unparalleled Peril MANGA CANON
11 The Dominator of the Universe MANGA CANON
12 The Strongest Hero MANGA CANON
13 The Hero’s Return MANGA CANON
14 The Human Monster MANGA CANON
15 The Hunt Begins MANGA CANON
16 The Metal Bat MANGA CANON
17 The Martial Arts Tournament MANGA CANON
18 The Monster Uprising MANGA CANON
19 The Class S Heroes MANGA CANON
20 The Resistance of the Strong MANGA CANON
21 The Troubles of the Strongest MANGA CANON
22 Justice Under Siege MANGA CANON
23 The Varieties of Pride MANGA CANON
24 The Wiping of the Disciple’s Butt MANGA CANON

Where To Watch One Punch Man Online?

Image: Viz-Media

You can watch all the One Punch Man episodes in English Sub/Dub for absolutely free on websites like Crunchyroll and Viz Media. However, if you’re into a smooth ad-free experience, then our readers can always opt for a subscription package.