Noragami Filler List

In the anime industry, there have been some series that have managed to gain proper worldwide recognition, series that had such a huge fanbase that their weddings made the headlines in the newspaper. However, as we all know, in the shadow of these huge and successful series, there are some of the diamonds in the rough that often get overlooked, some stories that, even after being recognized, don’t truly get what they deserve, and one of them undoubtedly is Noragami. The amazing and one of the most unique series that I have ever seen is soo brilliant yet soo underrated! Although the series did manage to get a second season, it never got the approval of the third, and the fans were literally left at a cliffhanger. However, we can only stay bitter for soo long! Therefore in order to give some respect to the series, if you think that Noragami is something you would enjoy, then read the article till the end!

Writer Adachitoka
Studio Bones
Original Run January 5, 2014-December 25, 2015
Episodes 25
Filler(%) 0

A Brief Introduction To The Plot

Image: Funimation

The plot of Noragami revolves around a nameless and the world’s least popular God named Yato. It turns out that the existence of Yato will soon fade away if he doesn’t get any followers, therefore in order to get some recognition and finally get a shrine made for him, Yato decides to grant wishes for 5 yen. In his pursuit to get more followers, Yato ends up encountering a young girl called Hiyori Iki. Hiyori, after one day saving a stranger from a bus accident, literally comes out from the clutches of death. However, her accident doesn’t leave her unscathed. Ever since being involved in that accident, Hiyori’s soul involuntary keeps on slipping in and out of her body, something which Yato helps her out with.

Now due to her less than ordinary condition, Hiyori begins to follow Yato and become his first follower, and together they go through many adventures. However, what is the secret behind Yato’s existence? Exactly what kind of a God is he? To find out the answer to these questions, do not forget to watch Noragami.

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Noragami Filler List

I think every anime fan would agree that nothing is quite as annoying as fillers. However, the good news is that there are no fillers in Noragami and Noragami Arogoto, so our readers can now binge-watch the entire series on their weekend without having to skip through!

Noragami Manga Canon Episodes List

Manga Canon Episodes:
1-9, 13-25

Noragami Mixed Canon Episodes List

Mixed Canon Episodes:

Noragami Anime Canon Episodes List

Filler Episodes:

Noragami Episode List

# Title Type
1 A Housecat, a Stray God and a Tail MANGA CANON
2 Snow-like MANGA CANON
3 Bidden Calamity MANGA CANON
4 Where Happiness Lies MANGA CANON
5 Borderline MANGA CANON
6 Scary Person MANGA CANON
7 Uncertainty and Destiny MANGA CANON
8 Over the Line MANGA CANON
10 Regarded With Hate MIXED CANON/FILLER
11 Abandoned God ANIME CANON
12 A Scrap of a Memory ANIME CANON
13 Bearing a Posthumous Name MANGA CANON
14 One of Her Memories MANGA CANON
15 False Bond MANGA CANON
17 Divine Acclamation, Imprecation MANGA CANON
18 What Must be Done MANGA CANON
19 How to Worship a God MANGA CANON
20 God of Calamity MANGA CANON
21 The Sound of a Thread Snapping MANGA CANON
22 A Certain Desire MANGA CANON
23 Revival MANGA CANON
24 Your Voice Calls Out MANGA CANON
25 The God of Fortune’s Message MANGA CANON


Where To Watch

Image: Funimation

You can watch all 25 episodes of Norgami and Noragami Aragoto that are available for absolutely free In English Sub/Dub on Websites like Crunchyroll and AnimixplayHD. Also, make sure to check out the series’ trailer to find out what noragami is really all about