Hell Girl (Jigoku Shōjo) Filler List

Hell Girl is a supernatural horror show that is definitely going to keep you up at night. Releasing around 90 episodes from 2005 to 2017, you can say that the show has been very well received. Not to mention the 7.8/10 rating from Myanimelist and 7.5/10 rating from IMDb tells us that this horror show is definitely worth watching. The unique story of the show and the premise is what will keep you hooked till the end. Therefore, if you’re tired from all the usual anime and want to scare yourself senseless, then make sure to watch Hell girl and read our entire post!

Writer Hiroshi Watanabe
Studio Studio Deen
Original Run October 4, 2005 – September 29, 2017
Episodes 90
Filler(%) 0%

A Brief Introduction To The Plot

Image: Crunchyroll

If you ask a person living a troubled and tormented life whether there is a hell or not, they will tell you that true hell is right here on earth. Every one of us wants to live our lives happily and filled with content. However, along our separate journeys, we end up encountering some people who make our lives a living nightmare. These “Evil” people end up destroying our positive outlook in life and literally push us over the edge.  The story of hell girl centers around the victims tormented by these “Evil people”.

Jigoku Tsushin is an online website that is only accessible to the user at midnight. If you are one of these victims suffering at the hands of a person, then you can post your woes to the website, and surely Hell Girl will come to your rescue. She will take the torment away by dragging your enemies straight to hell. However, this service does come with a price. Once you post your woes to Hell Girl, you must also be ready to forfeit your soul to hell after dying.

However, is hell girl just another internet myth? Or does some truth lie behind these strange disappearances? Make sure to watch the entire series and find out.

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Hell Girl Filler List

Image: Crunchyroll

In its almost 12 years run, the show has released over 90 episodes. However, not a single one of the episodes is a filler which makes Hell Girl truly one-of-a-kind anime!

Hell Girl Manga Canon Episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:

Hell Girl Mixed Canon Episodes

Mixed Canon Episodes:

Hell Girl Episode List

# Title Type
1 From Beyond the Twilight MANGA CANON
2 The Possessed Girl MANGA CANON
3 The Tarnished Mound MANGA CANON
4 Silent Cries MANGA CANON
5 The Woman in the High Tower MANGA CANON
6 Early Afternoon Window MANGA CANON
7 Cracked Mask MANGA CANON
8 Silent Acquaintances MANGA CANON
9 Sweet Trap MANGA CANON
10 Friends MANGA CANON
11 Broken Threads MANGA CANON
12 Spilled Bits MANGA CANON
13 Purgatory Girl MANGA CANON
14 Beyond the Dead Alley MANGA CANON
15 Island Woman MANGA CANON
16 A Night Among Traveling Entertainers MANGA CANON
17 Glass Scenery MANGA CANON
18 Bound Girl MANGA CANON
19 The Puppet Bride MANGA CANON
20 Hell Girl vs. Hell Boy MANGA CANON
21 Kind Neighbor MANGA CANON
22 Rain of Regret MANGA CANON
23 The Light of a Ward MANGA CANON
24 The Twilight Village MANGA CANON
25 Hell Girl MANGA CANON
26 Basting MANGA CANON
27 The Girl in the Dark MANGA CANON
28 Bubbles MANGA CANON
29 Beloved Kei MANGA CANON
31 Barreling Towards Hell MANGA CANON
32 Where the Sun Shines MANGA CANON
34 The Fake Hell Link MANGA CANON
35 Elder Brother, Younger Sister MANGA CANON
36 Anna Sone’s Intimate Holiday MANGA CANON
37 The Distant Room Next Door MANGA CANON
38 Black Rut MANGA CANON
39 The tragedy of the V MANGA CANON
40 The Peaceful Lakeshore MANGA CANON
41 For the Sake of This Country MANGA CANON
42 Aspiring Femme Fatale MANGA CANON
43 Silent Gaze MANGA CANON
44 That Person’s Memory MANGA CANON
45 Hell Amidst the Steam, Lodging for Travelers MANGA CANON
46 A Maiden’s Album MANGA CANON
47 Paper Balloon Wafting MANGA CANON
48 Longing MANGA CANON
49 Distrust MANGA CANON
50 Chain Reaction MANGA CANON
52 Dyeing Indigo MANGA CANON
53 The Girl Who Found Herself Robbed MANGA CANON
54 A Bird in a Cage MANGA CANON
55 Rotten Fruit MANGA CANON
56 Big Brother MANGA CANON
57 This Mundane World MANGA CANON
58 My Teacher MANGA CANON
60 Neighbour MANGA CANON
61 Stray Inari Spirit MANGA CANON
62 The Goldfish in the Mirror MANGA CANON
63 Blotted Paper MANGA CANON
64 The Midsummer Chart MANGA CANON
65 Six Coin Lanterns MANGA CANON
66 The Street Corner of Bitterness MANGA CANON
67 The Rabbit and the Turtle MANGA CANON
68 The Trap of Temptation MANGA CANON
69 Inside the Straw MANGA CANON
70 Special Radio MANGA CANON
71 Snow, Moon, and Cherry Blossoms MANGA CANON
72 The Hell Professor vs. Hell Girl MANGA CANON
73 Right in Front Behind You MANGA CANON
74 Flower and Moon MANGA CANON
75 Twilight Hills MANGA CANON
78 The Path Left by a Soul MANGA CANON
79 Can’t Be Seen, Can’t Be Heard MANGA CANON
80 There’s Only You MANGA CANON
81 Someday, Somebody Will… MANGA CANON
82 Bury Me Deep MANGA CANON
83 I Can Hear the Song of the Wind MANGA CANON
85 Reminiscence: The Tarnished Mound MIXED CANON/FILLER
86 Reminiscence: Early Afternoon Window MIXED CANON/FILLER
87 Reminiscence: Spilled Bits MIXED CANON/FILLER
88 Reminiscence: Black Rut MIXED CANON/FILLER
89 Reminiscence: A Bird in a Cage MIXED CANON/FILLER
90 Reminiscence: Stray Inari Spirit MIXED CANON/FILLER

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