Handa-Kun Filler List

If you loved the slice-of-life comedy anime Barakamon and loved how the young and handsome Seishu Handa struggled to get a grip on his life then you are absolutely going to fall in love with its spin-off series “Handa-Kun”.

Handa-Kun as the name suggests is the sequel to the famous anime Barakamon and is based on the life of the son of Handa Seishu named Handa Sei. The story showcases the troubled life of the young Handa Sei, who is not only a very proficient calligrapher like his father but also is good-looking and charming like him.

However, the one thing that the young Handa-Kun always struggles with, is how much he’s hated by other people! At least that’s what he thinks. In a weird twist of events, the young Handa Sei is almost absolutely convinced that everyone in his high school hates him. However, the truth is quite opposite, as a matter of fact, the young high schooler not only has his own fan club but almost everyone in his high-school revers him and treats him like a celebrity, but just like his father, Sei has kind of a weak mentality, not to mention that all the crazy coincidental events do not help his case.

Therefore, every time a mob of fangirls surrounds him, Sei assumes they’re there to hurt him because they “hate” him, every time anyone compliments him he assumes that they’re “belittling him and making fun of him”. Will Handa Sei Ever be able to get over this troubling attitude? Make sure to watch the entire series and find out!

Writer Satsuki Yoshino
Studio Diomedéa
Series Run July 8, 2016 – September 23, 2016
Episodes 12
Fillers(%) 8%

Handa-Kun Filler List

Image: Crunchyroll

The anime series of Handa-Kun just like its predecessor didn’t run for too long and ended its run only after 12 episodes, it’s as if every production studio in japan hates subtle comedy and slice-of-life animes! However, the good news is that the series is absolutely filler-free with only one enjoyable filler episode!

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Handa-Kun Manga Canon Episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:
1-7, 10-12

Handa-Kun Mixed Canon Episodes List

Mixed Canon Episodes:

Handa-Kun Filler Episodes List

Filler Episodes:

Handa-kun Episode List

# Title Type
1 Handa-kun and a Girl’s Friendship MANGA CANON
2 Handa-kun and the Continuation of Episode 1 / Handa-kun and the Chairperson / Handa-kun and the Model MANGA CANON
3 Handa-kun and the Truant / Handa-kun and Cooking Class / Handa-kun and his friend MANGA CANON
4 Handa-kun and Handa-kun? / Handa-kun and a Girl’s Jealousy / Handa-kun and Sociability MANGA CANON
5 Handa-kun and Student Council / Handa-kun and Memory Loss MANGA CANON
6 Handa-kun and Friend of a Friend / Handa-kun and Dash Higashino / Handa-kun and Palm Reading MANGA CANON
7 Handa-kun and the Supplementary Exam / Handa-kun and the Library MANGA CANON
8 Handa-kun and the School Trip MIXED CANON/FILLER
9 Handa-kun and the Frog / Handa-kun and the Stalker FILLER
10 Handa-kun and the Average Guy / Handa-kun and the Bishoujo” MANGA CANON
11 Handa-kun and the Cultural Festival Preparations MANGA CANON
12 Handa-kun and the Cultural Festival MANGA CANON

Where To Watch

Image: Crunchyroll

You can watch all the 12 episodes of Handa-Kun and Barakomon in English Sub/Dub for absolutely free on websites like Crunchyroll and AnimixplayHD. Our readers can also read the series’ manga which is available for free online. Also, make sure to check out its trailer to find out what the show is really all about.


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