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Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) Filler List

Imagine being one of the most bad-ass people along with being one of the strongest gang members in japan and somehow still ending up a virgin. Yes, that pretty much defines the background of our protagonist Eikichi Onizuka from the Great Teacher Onizuka.

From the outside, Eikichi is a thug, a con man, and a person on the shady side. However, from the inside, he just wants to be popular with the girls. A fan of high school girls with their short skirts, Ekichi decides to become a teacher, seeing how great of an influence they have on their students. Upon his job interview, Eikichi is assigned the most troublesome class of thugs in the entire school. A class of misfits and Yakuzas, all getting into one problem after another.

It is here that Eikichi realizes that he’s just not that guy. Therefore, Instead of going forth with his original plan, Eikichi decided to set the most troublesome class straight and be known as the “Great Teacher Onizuka.”

Writer Tooru Fujisawa
Studio Pierrot
Original Run June 30, 1999 – September 24, 2000
Episodes 43
Filler(%) 19%

Great Teacher Onizuka  Filler List

Image: Crunchyroll

GTO is by far one of the funniest and most interesting animes ever made. The entire storyline of ex-yakuza turning into a school teacher and leading wayward kids into the proper direction will tug at your heartstrings more than you would expect. However, the most amazing thing about the show is how Eikichi goes from being the worst teacher to being one of the most respected teachers in the entire school. Not to mention his little romance with a fellow teacher is not just funny but hilarious. Luckily for our readers, only 19% of its episodes are fillers. However, in my personal opinion, the fillers are amazing as well.

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Great Teacher Onizuka Manga Canon Episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:
1-22, 24, 29-33, 35-41

Great Teacher Onizuka Filler Episodes List

Filler List:
23, 25-28, 34, 42-43

Great Teacher Onizuka Episode List

# Title Type
1 GTO – The Legend Begins MANGA CANON
2 Enter Uchiyamada! MANGA CANON
3 Late Night Roof Diving MANGA CANON
4 The Secret Life of Onizuka MANGA CANON
5 An Eye for an Eye, a Butt for a Butt MANGA CANON
6 Conspiracies All-Around MANGA CANON
7 The Mother of all Crushes MANGA CANON
8 Bungee Jumping Made Easy MANGA CANON
9 Onizuka and the Art of War MANGA CANON
10 Outside Looking In MANGA CANON
11 To Be Idolized by a Nation MANGA CANON
12 The Formula for Treachery MANGA CANON
13 Only the Best Will Do MANGA CANON
14 Between a Rock and a Hard Place MANGA CANON
15 The Great Sacrifice MANGA CANON
16 Beauty + Brains = A Dangerous Mix MANGA CANON
17 Falling for The Great Onizuka MANGA CANON
18 How to Dine and Dash MANGA CANON
19 Private Investigations MANGA CANON
20 Love Letters MANGA CANON
21 Revolution Everywhere MANGA CANON
22 The Art of Demolition MANGA CANON
23 Superstition FILLER
24 Compromising Positions MANGA CANON
25 Playing Doctor – GTO Style FILLER
26 Onizuka Meets His Match FILLER
27 GTO – Agent to the Stars FILLER
28 Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong FILLER
29 Studies in High Finance MANGA CANON
30 Money Talks, GTO Walks MANGA CANON
31 Destination: Okinawa MANGA CANON
32 The Law of Probability MANGA CANON
33 Search and Rescue MANGA CANON
34 Good cop bad cop FILLER
35 Wedding Bell Blues MANGA CANON
36 Self-Improvement MANGA CANON
37 Living Together MANGA CANON
38 Great Treasure Okinawa MANGA CANON
39 Alone in the Dark MANGA CANON
40 Matters of the Heart MANGA CANON
41 Confessions MANGA CANON
42 Old Wounds Revisited FILLER
43 Onizuka’s Final Battle FILLER


Where To Watch Great Teacher Onizuka Online?

Image: Pierrot

You can watch all the episodes of GTO in English Sub/Dub for absolutely free on Crunchyroll and Viz Media. To know more about filler lists of animes that you would like to watch, make sure to keep on following our post!



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