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Filler List

Goblin Slayer Filler List

Image: Crunchyroll

Goblin Slayer is a Japanese anime based on a light novel of the same name. The anime is relatively new releasing in 2018 and is currently ongoing. The show is little by little starting to make a name for itself because of dark fantasy+ gore, what can be better right? Only 12 episodes have released so far and more are going to come out pretty soon, so this is an ideal chance to binge-watch the entire series. If you want to know more about Goblin Slayer then keep on reading this post.

Writer Kumo Kagyu
Studio White Fox
Original Run October 7, 2018 – present
Episodes 12
Filler(%) 17%

A Brief Introduction To The Plot


Image: Crunchyroll

Who doesn’t love good adventure right? A scheme of events that makes our heart skip a beat and fills our blood, our body with adrenaline. Similarly, in The world of Goblin Slayer, many adrenaline junkies come to join the Guild to go on an adventure of their own. Not to mention that after completing each quest the people of the guild get a reward in gold making a win-win situation.

However, this spirit of adventure, unfortunately, goes horribly wrong for a novice priestess. Right from her very first quest the priestess and her party end up encountering bloodthirsty goblins. Goblins who one by one begin wiping out her team. However, in the nick of time, she is saved by a man who destroys all the goblins. The man who saves her life goes by the name of “Goblin Slayer” and has only one purpose, to destroy the goblins from the world.

His intense prejudice and hatred towards the goblins and his equation with the priestess are what make Goblin Slayer a truly entertaining show to watch.

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Goblin Slayer Filler List

Luckily for our readers, Goblin Slayer has a very low amount of fillers. To know more about the filler episodes of your favourite anime make sure to keep on following our post.

Goblin Slayer Manga Canon Episodes List

Manga Canon Episodes:
1-4, 6-9, 11-12

Goblin Slayer Filler Episodes List

Filler Episodes:
5, 10

Goblin Slayer Episode List

# Title Type
1 The Fate of Particular Adventurers MANGA CANON
2 Goblin Slayer MANGA CANON
3 Unexpected Visitors MANGA CANON
4 The Strong MANGA CANON
5 Adventures and Daily Life FILLER
6 Goblin Slayer in the Water Town MANGA CANON
7 Onward Unto Death MANGA CANON
8 Whispers and Prayers and Chants MANGA CANON
9 There and Back Again MANGA CANON
10 Dozing FILLER
11 A Gathering of Adventurers MANGA CANON
12 The Fate of an Adventurer MANGA CANON

Where To Watch Goblin Slayer Online?


Image: Crunchyroll

You can watch all the latest episodes of Goblin slayer in English Sub/Dub for absolutely free on websites like Crunchyroll and Viz-Media. Similarly, if our readers wish to watch their favourite anime ad-free with no interruptions then they can always opt for a subscription package.


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