Edens Zero Filler List

Edens Zero is by far one of the most interesting and exciting new shows to be released this year. However, this fact doesn’t come as a big surprise because, after all, it is written by Hiro Mashima. You might be familiar with Hiro Mashima’s other popular works like Rave Master and Fairy Tail. Not to mention that the man is a legend when it comes to combining a good story, comedic backdrop, and, ofcourse, the fights. Therefore, Edens Zero is just one of his great works that are a must-watch. If you’re looking to know everything about Edens Zero, then make sure to read the entire post.

Writer Hiro Mashima
Studio J.C. Staff
Original Run April 11, 2021 – present
Episodes 18
Filler (%) 0%

The Plot Of The Show


Edens Zero Demon King and Shiki
Shiki was raised on the planet of robots
Image: Netflix

The show revolves around a world where humans have now spread their wings in the entire universe. The backdrop is a futuristic world, where interstellar travel and different life forms have been discovered. Not to mention humans have now settled on various planets as well.

The show includes humans, aliens, robots, and different cosmos analogous to different small universes and dragons and monsters that can change a planet’s entire timeline without creating paradoxes. As you can see for yourself, Edens Zero has it all.

However, all the technology that is used in interstellar travel and robots and operating machines is extracted from an energy source named Ether. A lot of humans can directly use the ether’s energy by wearing the ether gear.


Shiki with Rebecca and Happy at Blue Garden Planet
Shiki with Rebecca bluegarden and her pet robot happy
Image: Netflix

The story revolves around a boy named Shiki Granbell. Shiki is the sole human inhabitant in a planet full of Robots named Granbell. One day a B-cuber (analogous to a youtube) named Rebecca Bluegarden and her robotic pet cat named Happy visit the abandoned theme park planet to get more views on her channel.

Shiki befriends Rebecca and shows her around the place. However, suddenly, every single robot on the planet begins to attack the duo and force them off the planet. The truth is later revealed that the robots drove Shiki away because they didn’t want him to be stranded alone on Granbell after all of their batteries die.

Forced to flee his home Shiki agrees to travel with Rebecca. The duo, now left with each other, decide to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Both of them decide to travel the space and find the mother. The mother is said to be the Goddess of the cosmos and grants any wish one might desire.

Edens Zero Filler List

Edens Zero Manga Canon Episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:

Edens Zero Episodes List

Sr. Episode Title Episode Type
1 Into the Sky Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter MANGA CANON
2 The Girl and the Blue Cat MANGA CANON
3 Adventurers MANGA CANON
4 A Man Called Weisz MANGA CANON
5 Clash!! Sibir Family MANGA CANON
6 The Skull Fairy MANGA CANON
7 Demon King’s Battleship MANGA CANON
8 Wind Howls on the Highway MANGA CANON
9 Planet Guilst MANGA CANON
10 The Great Naked Escape MANGA CANON
11 Sister Ivry MANGA CANON
12 New Friends MANGA CANON
13 The Super Virtual Planet MANGA CANON
14 The Girl on the Hill MANGA CANON
15 Great Kaiju Shiki MANGA CANON
16 Fireworks MANGA CANON
17 The Temple of Knowledge MANGA CANON
18 Words Will Give You Strength MANGA CANON

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