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Dorohedoro An Unappreciated And Underrated Anime Filler List

Every year, the fans of the anime community get to witness the release of hundreds of stories, looking to draw the attention of the audience and the critics alike. Some shows end up making the mark, mostly because of their manga’s tremendous sales, and some diamonds in the rough like Dorohedoro end up going unnoticed. It is absolutely crazy that MAPPA animated Dorohedoro anime so beautifully, but the fact that not a lot of our readers know about this anime is even crazier. Therefore, if you’re looking to watch something new, refreshing and absolutely violent then make sure to read our entire post.

Writer Q Hayashida
Series Run January 12, 2020 – March 29, 2020
Studio MAPPA
Episodes 12 + 6OVA
Fillers 0



Image: MAPPA

The story of Dorohedoro is set in a fantasy world where the human species is the last in the hierarchy forced to live in the place known as “hole” devoid of any magic and filled with poverty and chaos. Above humans reside the sorcerers living in the sorcerers’ world, who are also further categorised on the basis of the strength of their magical powers, and lastly the greatest realm of all termed as “hell”, a place engulifed in shadow and flames ruled by the demons and the demon king who is the source of all the sorcerers’ powers.

The story of Dorohedoro focuses on the life of a human named as Caiman , who after being tortured like a giunea pig in a sorcerer’s human experiementation, forgets his previous identity and loses his facial features including his head which has now been replaced with a head of a reptile.

Image: MAPPA

Infuriated at his condition, Caiman sets out to hunt the sorcerer responsible for his ordeal, but what can a powerless human do? But is Caiman really that powerless? As the story progresses Caiman soon realises that due to the experimentation, he is no longer damaged by any kind of magical powers, and along with his impeccable knife skills and a nearly indusetructable body he is also strong enough to tolerate multiple decapitations. Which means Caiman’s reptile head has turned him into one of the most dangerous creatures in all the three realms.

However, will Caiman be able to find out who did this to him? Will he ever be able to live like a normal person without scaring the bejesus out of others? To find out the answers to all of these questions do not forget to watch Dorohedoro!

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Dorohedoro Filler List

In it’s 12 episode run, the creators of the show have not released a single filler episode, making Dorohedoro the perfect material for you to binge watch! However, if the show gets renewed for a new season (fingers crossed) our list will also get updated.

Dorohedoro Episode List

Manga Canon Episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:
# Title Type
2 In the Bag/ Eat Quietly During Meals/ My Neighbor the Sorcerer MANGA CANON
3 Night of the Dead – Duel! – In Front of the Main Department Store MANGA CANON
4 Roast Duck à La Sorcerer/ Formal Attire Requested/ Another Year in the Hole MANGA CANON
5 Caiman in Wonderland MANGA CANON
6 The Mushrooms Are Ready/ The First Smoke/ Manhole Elegy MANGA CANON
7 The All-Star ☆ Dream Game MANGA CANON
8 A Good Day To Leave/Lalala Monsterman/Splendid & Exuberant/Welcome To Blue Night Land MANGA CANON
9 Oh, Flower Smoke/Awesome Meat Pie/A Macabre Mushroom Appears!! MANGA CANON
10 Lonely Caiman/Before Nightmare/Manju Terror MANGA CANON
11 Let’s Meet At The Snack Stall MANGA CANON
12 Memories Of School Days/Boy Meets Girl = Battle!/Pinky Swear MANGA CANON


Where To Watch

Image: MAPPA

Receiving a rating of 8.1/10 from both MyAnimeList and IMDb, speaks a lot about the stories’ calibre. Anyone who has ever watched the show has only good things to say about it. Although, I wouldn’t lie that the story might seem odd to others at the start, but every fan of Dorohedoro knows that the plot proegresses from 0-100 way too fast. Therefore, if you want to get in on some of the best intense action with a lot of gory scenes, do not forget to watch Dorohedoro available on sites like Animixplay and Crunchyroll.



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