Dagashi Kashi Filler List

Dagashi Kashi is a romantic comedy anime that ran for two seasons from 2016-2018. Season 1 of the series premiered on January 7, 2016, releasing 12 episodes and season 2 also releasing 12 episodes premiered on January 12, 2018. This slice-of-life comedy, which will surely leave a sweet taste in your mouth, received overall positive reviews and soon climbed its way to become a fan favourite, which further prompted the creators of the series to make a Season 2. The manga of the series also ended in 2018, thus concluding the story once and for all. Dagashi Kashi is a perfect blend of comedy and family drama. It is the ideal choice for you to spend your weekends laughing it out and filling your heart with the sweetness of the story and the relatable characters. Therefore, if you’re interested in watching this wonderful show and knowing what it is all about, make sure to read the entire post!

Writer Kotoyama
Studio Feel (Season 1) and Tezuka Productions (season 2)
Original Run January 7, 2016- March 30, 2018
Episodes 24
Filler(%) 0

A Brief Introduction To The Plot

Image: Funimation

The series revolves around Shikada Dagashi, a countryside shop selling snacks and candy that is being run for over nine generations by the Shikada Family. However, just when it was time for Yo Shikada to pass down this inheritance to his son, he was met with resistance. Shikada Family’s son Kokonotsu doesn’t want anything to do with the business and wants to become a manga artist.

Disheartened by his son’s rebellion over family tradition, Yo is approached by Hotaru Shidare, a beautiful young girl who wants to recruit him to her family business, the sweet manufacturer Shidare Corporation. Yo agrees to join the new business venture on one condition if she can somehow convince his son to take up the long, passed down family business. Thus begins the story of Hotaru convincing Kokonotsu to take up the family business and reigniting the passion for the art of sweet making In his heart!

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Dagashi Kashi Filler List

Image: Funimation

In its 2 year run and releasing 24 episodes, the sweet and salty anime Dagashi Kashi has so far not released a single filler making it the perfect anime for you to binge-watch now! Will Kokonotsu listen to his father and join the business? Or will he choose to pursue his dreams? Make sure to watch the entire series to find out what happens in the life of Yo, Kokonotsu and a newfound sweet guest, Hotaru.

Dagashi Kashi Manga Canon Episodes List

Manga Canon Episodes:

Dagashi Kashi Episode List

# Title Type
1 Umai-bou, Fries, and… / Milk Coffee Candies, Young Donuts, and… MANGA CANON
2 Kinako-bou, Namaiki Beer, and… / Fue Ramune, Menko, and… MANGA CANON
3 Buta-men, Kuru Kuru Bou Jelly, and… / Bontan-ame, Seven Neon, and… MANGA CANON
4 Fugashi, Fugashi, and… / Glico, Glico, and… MANGA CANON
5 Bottle Ramune, Baby-Star Ramen, and… / Yatta Men, Watch Out for the Sour Grape, and… MANGA CANON
6 Super Himo Q, Ohajiki, and sometimes Maken Gumi… / Yoguret, Coconuts, and… MANGA CANON
7 Summer Festival, Hotaru, and… / Summer Festival, Saya, and… MANGA CANON
8 Super Scary Story Gum, Typhoon, and… / Kendama, Popping Fortune-Telling Chocolate, and… MANGA CANON
9 Wata-pachi, Lucky Choco-droppings, and… / Sakura Daikon, Egg Ice Cream, and… MANGA CANON
10 That’s Dagashi! MANGA CANON
11 Cola Gum, Yo, and… / Miyako Kombu, Ramune, and… MANGA CANON
12 I’m Gonna Eat It-Hi, Poem of Cherries, and… / Morinaga Milk Caramel, Sakuma Drops, and… MANGA CANON
13 Big Katsu, Peperoncino, and… MANGA CANON
14 Baseball Board Game Gum, Pop-Pop Boat, and… MANGA CANON
15 Beigoma, Reminiscence, and… MANGA CANON
16 Homerun Bar, Fireworks Festival, and… MANGA CANON
17 Ambulance, Get a Move On, You Cod!, and… MANGA CANON
18 Convenience Store, Job Magazine, and… MANGA CANON
19 Hajime Owari, Chocoball, and… MANGA CANON
20 Roll Candy, High Eight Chocolate, and… MANGA CANON
21 Internets, Super Ball, and… MANGA CANON
22 Monjiro Squid, Manga Manuscript, and… MANGA CANON
23 Homerun Bar Winning Stick, Snow, and… MANGA CANON
24 I’m Back, Welcome Back, and… MANGA CANON

Where To Watch?

You can watch all the 24 episodes of Dagashi Kashi in English Sub/Dub for absolutely free on websites like Crunchyroll and AnimixplayHD. Also, make sure to watch its trailer (link attached below) to get a glimpse into the story and the life of the Shikada family.