Code Geass Filler List

Code Geass is an anime popularly known as one of the most interesting and smartest anime ever made. The story of the show and the incredible mind games, schemes, and plots will remind the viewers of Death Note and put you on the edge of your seat. Code Geass is one of the most thrilling animes ever made, with a spectacular story and an even fantastic ending. If you want to know more about this anime, make sure to read the entire post.

Writer  Ichirō Ōkouchi
Studio Sunrise
Original Run October 6, 2006 – July 29, 2007, and April 6, 2008 – September 28, 2008
Episodes 55
Filler (%) 0%

A Brief Introduction To The Plot


Code Geass
Knightmare frame
image: Crunchyroll

In the world of Code Geass, the entire human race is ruled under three empires. The Britannia (Americans), the Chinese (Asia) and the European Union (Europe and Africa). However, everything changes when Britannia launches a full-scale attack on Japan using deadly modernized weapons known as “Knightmare Frame”. The Japanese people are stripped of all their rights and now have to live under the rule of the Brittania Empire.


The show’s story revolves around our protagonist Lelouch Vi Britannia the exiled son of the King of the Brittanian empire living in Japan. However, Lelouch by no means harbours any love for his father or his schemes.

The truth is Lelouch, and his sister Nunnally are the children of the king and his consort Marianne. When Lelouch was still a young boy, his mother was brutally murdered by a mysterious man. However, this wasn’t the end of his sorrows. Having witnessed her mother’s murder, his younger sister became so traumatized that she lost her sight and became paralyzed from the waist down.

Code Geass
Image: Crunchyroll

Seeing his father failing to protect his mother and his sister ignited a flame of bitter hatred in the heart of Lelouch towards his father.

Therefore, Lelouch decides to enact revenge on the Britannia empire and wishes to eradicate it from the face of the earth. When Lelouch gets involved in a terrorist attack against Britannia, a mysterious woman named C2 saves his life and grants him the power of “Geass” or “the power of kings”.

The power of Geass will enable Lelouch to control whoever he wants, just by single eye contact. It gives him full access to the person, and he can make them do anything, whatever he desires. However, the drawback of this power is that it can only be used once on a person and direct eye contact is necessary.

With his newfound powers and will to change the world, will Lelouch be successful? Make sure to watch the anime and find out.

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Code Geass Filler List

Manga Canon Episodes List

Manga Canon Episodes:

Code Geass Episode List

# Title Type
1 Stage 01 – The Day a New Demon Was Born MANGA CANON
2 Stage 02 – The White Knight Awakens MANGA CANON
3 Stage 03 – The False Classmate MANGA CANON
4 Stage 04 – His Name is Zero MANGA CANON
5 Stage 05 – The Princess and the Witch MANGA CANON
6 Stage 06 – The Stolen Mask MANGA CANON
7 Stage 07 – Attack Cornelia MANGA CANON
8 Stage 08 – The Black Knights MANGA CANON
9 Stage 09 – Refrain MANGA CANON
10 Stage 10 – Guren Dances MANGA CANON
11 Stage 11 – Battle for Narita MANGA CANON
12 Stage 12 – The Messenger From Kyoto MANGA CANON
13 Stage 13 – Shirley at Gunpoint MANGA CANON
14 Stage 14 – Geass vs. Geass MANGA CANON
15 Stage 15 – Cheering Mao MANGA CANON
16 Stage 16 – Nunnally Held Hostage MANGA CANON
17 Stage 17 – Knight MANGA CANON
18 Stage 18 – I Order you, Suzaku Kururugi MANGA CANON
19 Stage 19 – Island of the Gods MANGA CANON
20 Stage 20 – The Battle for Kyushu MANGA CANON
21 Stage 21 – The School Festival Declaration MANGA CANON
22 Stage 22 – Bloodstained Euphy MANGA CANON
23 Stage 23 – At Least with Sorrow MANGA CANON
24 Stage 24 – The Collapsing Stage MANGA CANON
25 Stage 25 – Zero MANGA CANON
26 Turn 01 – The Day a Demon Awakens MANGA CANON
27 Turn 02 – Plan for Independent Japan MANGA CANON
28 Turn 03 – Imprisoned in Campus MANGA CANON
29 Turn 04 – Counterattack at the Gallows MANGA CANON
30 Turn 05 – Knights of the Round MANGA CANON
31 Turn 06 – Surprise Attack over the Pacific MANGA CANON
32 Turn 07 – The Abandoned Mask MANGA CANON
33 Turn 08 – One Million Miracles MANGA CANON
34 Turn 09 – A Bride in the Vermillion Forbidden City MANGA CANON
35 Turn 10 – When Shen Hu Wins Glory MANGA CANON
36 Turn 11 – Power of Passion MANGA CANON
37 Turn 12 – Love Attack! MANGA CANON
38 Turn 13 – Assassin from the Past MANGA CANON
39 Turn 14 – Geass Hunt MANGA CANON
40 Turn 15 – The Cs’ World MANGA CANON
41 Turn 16 – United Federation of Nations Resolution Number One MANGA CANON
42 Turn 17 – The Taste of Humiliation MANGA CANON
43 Turn 18 – Final Battle Tokyo II MANGA CANON
44 Turn 19 – Betrayal MANGA CANON
45 Turn 20 – Emperor Dismissed MANGA CANON
46 Turn 21 – The Ragnarok Connection MANGA CANON
47 Turn 22 – Emperor Lelouch MANGA CANON
48 Turn 23 – Schneizel’s Guise MANGA CANON
49 Turn 24 – The Grip of Damocles MANGA CANON
50 Final Turn – Re; MANGA CANON
51 The Wyvern Arrives MANGA CANON
52 The Wyvern Divided MANGA CANON
53 The Brightness Falls MANGA CANON
54 Memories of Hatred MANGA CANON
55 To Beloved Ones MANGA CANON

Where To Watch Code Geass Online?

Image: Sunrise

Our readers can watch all the episodes of Code Geass in English Sub/Dub for absolutely free on Crunchyroll and Viz Media. Also, make sure to check out its trailer the link to which is attached below.