Claymore Filler List

Claymore is a Japanese dark fantasy story that took the world by storm when it first premiered in 2007. Although, the show lasting for only 26 episodes gained huge critical acclaim. Much like the movie The Shawshank Redemption, the true potential of Claymore was only recognized years after its initial release. However, if you want in into this fantasy world, then go ahead. If you’re looking to know more about Claymore and what it is all about, make sure to read the post till the end.

Writer Norihiro Yagi
Studio Madhouse
Original Run April 4, 2007 – September 26, 2007
Episodes 26
Filler(%) 12%

A Brief Introduction To The Plot

Image: Viz-Media

The story of the show revolves around a world where humans are preyed upon by Yoma. However, the deadliness of Yoma lies in the fact that they are “shapeshifters”, because of which they can easily blend in and deceive people.

Therefore, in order to fight the Yoma, the organization creates female warriors who are Human-Yoma Hybrid named “Claymore”. These warriors have only one task to find and kill the Yoma. However, the power of both claymore and Yoma originate from the demon energy named “Yoki”. When a claymore uses too much of Yoki, they are awakened. These Claymores are clad in silver armor with silver eyes and are distributed into the island according to their ranks.

Each rank covers one part of an island, making 47 claymores, with rank 1 being the most powerful of claymore and rank 47 being the weakest. The story of the show revolves around Claymore no. 47 Clare and her adventures.

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Claymore Filler List

Fillers are sometimes entertaining, but the majority of the time, they’re outright annoying. The main reason behind filler episodes is to prolong the story and to prevent the anime from catching up with the manga. Although, luckily for our readers, claymore has a very less amount of filler episodes. With only 3 filler episodes or 12% of its total content.

Claymore Manga Canon Episodes List

Manga Canon Episodes:

Claymore Mixed Canon Episodes List

Mixed Canon Episodes:

Claymore Filler Episodes List

Filler Episodes:

Claymore Episode List

# Title Type
1 Great Sword MANGA CANON
2 The Black Card MANGA CANON
3 The Darkness in Paradise MANGA CANON
4 Clare’s Awakening MANGA CANON
5 Teresa of the Faint Smile MANGA CANON
6 Teresa and Clare MANGA CANON
7 Marked for Death MANGA CANON
8 Awakening MANGA CANON
9 Those Who Rend Asunder (Part 1) MANGA CANON
10 Those Who Rend Asunder (Part 2) MANGA CANON
11 Those Who Rend Asunder (Part 3) MANGA CANON
12 The Endless Gravestones (Part 1) MANGA CANON
13 The Endless Gravestones (Part 2) MANGA CANON
14 Qualified to Fight MANGA CANON
15 The Witch’s Maw (Part 1) MANGA CANON
16 The Witch’s Maw (Part 2) MANGA CANON
17 The Witch’s Maw (Part 3) MANGA CANON
18 The Carnage in the North (Part 1) MANGA CANON
19 The Carnage in the North (Part 2) MANGA CANON
20 The Carnage in the North (Part 3) MANGA CANON
21 Invasion of Pieta (Part 1) MIXED CANON/FILLER
22 Invasion of Pieta (Part 2) MIXED CANON/FILLER
23 Critical Point (Part 1) MIXED CANON/FILLER
24 Critical Point (Part 2) FILLER
25 For Whose Sake FILLER
26 To the Successors FILLER

Where To Watch Claymore Online?

Image: Crunchyroll

You can watch all the episodes of Claymore in English Sub/Dub for absolutely free on websites like Crunchyroll and Viz Media. However, for a smooth and ad-free experience, we recommend our users buy their subscription packs. Our readers can also check out websites like 4anime and AnimixplayHD and find out whichever suits them best.