Campione! Filler List

The anime television series Campione! is based on a light novel by the same name written by Jō Taketsuki. The anime ran for 13 episodes and managed to garner a 7/10 rating from both IMDb and MyAnimeList. Although the series never managed to get a second season, its light novel ran till November 2017, finally compiling into 21 volumes. The show’s story touches upon various themes like action, fantasy, harem and romance and is a show that is surely going to leave you entertained. Therefore, to find out more about Campione and what it’s all about, make sure to read the entire post!

Writer Jō Taketsuki
Studio Diomedéa
Original Run July 6, 2012 – September 28, 2012
Episodes 13
Filler(%) 23%

A Brief Introduction To The Plot


The show’s story revolves around our protagonist Godou Kusanagi, who is given the task by his grandfather to return a stone tablet to Lucrezia Zora, a friend of his residing in Sardinia. Along his way, Godou ends up encountering a strange sword mistress named Erica Blandelli and none other than God of war himself, Verethragna. As they come in his way, Godou is left with no choice but to slay the God of war himself. However, after killing Verethragna, Godou has now become a Campione or God Slayer. Therefore it is his duty from now on to slay any heretic and selfish God doing more harm than good and abusing their power to get what they want. As he faces strong enemies one after the other, the responsibility and burden of the job begin dawning upon him. However, on the plus side, he does end up drawing a lot of female attention, a lot more than he can handle.

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Campione! Filler List


As mentioned above, Campione is a small anime, releasing only 13 episodes in total. However, what’s surprising is that even in such a short run, the anime has around 23% of its episodes as fillers. Therefore, this filler list will help you glide over the unnecessary episodes so that you can enjoy the anime without any unnecessary interruptions.

Campione! Manga Canon Episodes List

Manga Canon Episodes:

Campione! Mixed Canon Episodes List

Mixed Canon Episodes:

Campione! Filler Episodes List

Filler Episodes:

Campione! Episode List

# Title Type
1 Tale of the Beginning MIXED CANON/FILLER
2 The Landscape with a King FILLER
3 From Afar, An Enemy Comes MIXED CANON/FILLER
4 Rogue Athena MANGA CANON
5 Unpleasant Days FILLER
6 The Kings Converse MANGA CANON
7 Wind, Rain, Wolf MANGA CANON
9 The Missing King MANGA CANON
10 The Turbulent Demon King, The Sun Hero MANGA CANON
11 Princess Shrine Maiden of the Long Sword MIXED CANON/FILLER
12 The Sword of Ama no Murakumo MIXED CANON/FILLER
13 Tale of the God-Slayer FILLER

Where To Watch

You can watch all the episodes of Campione! in English Sub/Dub for absolutely free and in the best quality on Crunchyroll and AnimixplayHD. Also, do make sure to check out the series’s trailer to find out what the show’s all about.