Blade Of The Immortal Filler List

Blade of the Immortal is one of the many shows that have left their mark over the past years. The show’s story is a bit similar to the K-drama Goblin, with no romance and intense fights. Watching the show is truly a great experience which is also validated with its 7.6/10 rating by IMDb. Not to mention that the series is currently ongoing, and the coming arc will push the ratings even higher. If you’re interested in knowing more about the Blade Of The Immortal, then make sure to keep on reading this post.

Writer Hiroaki Samura
Studio Bee Train
Original Run October 10, 2019 – March 25, 2020
Episodes 24
Filler(%) 0%

A Brief Introduction To The Plot

Image: Crunchyroll

The story of the show revolves around a Samurai named Manji. However, manji is far from being normal, possessing powers that render any wound inflicted on him useless. The only thing that can kill him is a rare poison.

In the past, Manji made a huge mistake which led to the death of 100 great samurai, including his brother-in-law. Due to the huge cost of his mistake, Manji is cursed by an 800-year-old nun who makes him immortal, forever wandering the earth. However, the only way to break his curse is through repentance.

After the death of his beloved sister, Manji, in order to make up for the good lives lost due to his deeds now decides to kill 1000 evil people and finally get the chance to rest in peace.

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Blade Of The Immortal Filler List


Fillers are sometimes interesting, sometimes funny, and a lot of times, they’re downright infuriating. A lot of shows use fillers as means to prevent the story from catching up to the manga. That is why a lot of fillers don’t make any contribution to the story. That is exactly why we have prepared a filler list for all your favourite shows so that you can watch them without any interruptions.

Blade of the immortal has aired 24 episodes so far. Luckily for our fans, Blade of the immortal has currently no fillers. However, it is an ongoing show that is why we will keep on updating the filler list as new episodes begin airing. Make sure to keep on following our post to get all the filler lists of your favourite animes.

Blade Of The Immortal Manga Canon Episodes List

Manga Canon Episodes:

Blade of the Immortal (2019) Episode List

# Title Type
1 Act One – Meeting MANGA CANON
2 Act Two – Founding MANGA CANON
3 Act Three – Dream Pangs MANGA CANON
4 Act Four – Rin at Odds MANGA CANON
5 Act Five – Song of the Bugs MANGA CANON
6 Act Six – Wing Roots MANGA CANON
7 Act Seven – Evil’s Shadow MANGA CANON
8 Act Eight – Mugai-ryu MANGA CANON
9 Act Nine – Gathering MANGA CANON
10 Act Ten – Animal MANGA CANON
11 Act Eleven – Fall Frost MANGA CANON
12 Act Twelve – Blood of Finality MANGA CANON
13 Act Thirteen – Twilight MANGA CANON
14 Act Fourteen – Amendments MANGA CANON
15 Act Fifteen – Acquisition of Guts MANGA CANON
16 Act Sixteen – Altered Limb MANGA CANON
17 Act Seventeen – Ceremonial Bond MANGA CANON
18 Act Eighteen – Banshee’s Cries MANGA CANON
19 Act Nineteen – Massacre MANGA CANON
20 Act Twenty – Unending MANGA CANON
21 Act Twenty One – Trap MANGA CANON
22 Act Twenty Two – Ten Final Pushes MANGA CANON
23 Act Twenty Three – 100 Spectacular Dances MANGA CANON
24 Final Act – Blade of the Immortal MANGA CANON

Our readers can now watch all episodes of Blade of the immortal on Crunchyroll and Viz-Media. The show is now streaming on Amazon prime as well. Our readers can also check out sites like 4anime and AnimixplayHD in case they don’t have a prime or a Crunchyroll subscription